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Cause and Effect

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 02/09/2017 Review on "Sage": We recently were accused openly on Wizard forums by this fellow named "Sage" that we did not deliver results with a working we did for him, as well as that we are liars... As we do with all our clients, we explained to him from the get go how time frames in magick works, We instructed this individual in detail what he needed to do in order to gain the best results - we failed to do this time and time again, and 8 Months later still doesn't have any results...isn't it a bit obvious Mr.Sage? It's known as cause and effect, dear boy! Now this individual openly disregarded the terms (that he agreed upon) which the Deity presented. This Being is one of the Persona's of Kali. This arrogant individual even scoffed at the dire consequences of not fulfilling his part of this agreement. (recently admitted). And he wonders why he looks like the biblical version of Job and have not experienced any "miraculous" healing on his behalf? This is simply astounding! The blind self deceit and delusion of this fellow! And he had the gall to falsely accuse us? To make a long matter short, we instructed him to work on negative aspects of his ego, as this is a problem area. We also went out of our way to give him a Meditation that will clear up this issue of negativity if applied regularly. But alas, to no avail! He admitted that he did not follow through with this! Let's sum up what went wrong: 1. Sage failed to do what we instructed him on the Spellwork. 2. Sage failed to fulfill his agreement with Kali. 3. Sage failed to perform the Meditation as we presented. This is a good example of what you should not do if you want a Working to succeed. Hell, a while back we wrote a book on the subject and all three of these don't s are mentioned in the book. If you're interested, you can find it here under our "Books", it is titled: " The Stars are not Right". It is far too easy to point fingers at others than to take responsibility of your own want and failures. Sage, you really need to reevaluate your life and attempt to resolve the matter with Kali, if you fail to do this, aggravating your deformity is the least She can do and She WILL find you! No ward or spiritual protection can exempt you from Her reach! Then again, we actually hope you neglect this! We have a dark sense of humor and we will keep you guys updated on Sage's fate. We will title this as : "Sage Got Burned". For those clients that follow our instructions, we will move Heaven and Hell for them. There is nothing we will not do within our power to grant them the best possible outcome. We do not cease working on a client's behalf, and no one offers this service. We simply ask our clients to follow our instructions (if any) and instruct them on how the working will be done and why it works, as well as determining the best path to undertake through the use of Divination. However we WILL NOT entertain business with individuals such as "Sage" that has the inability to use logic, nor willing to follow instructions due to arrogance and other negative human traits. We simply do not associate with these persona's. We were willing to give Sage a chance, however his deluded insights and false accusations is what hammered the nail in the coffin. The world is under the impression that "the client is always right", and thus cannot possibly do anything wrong. However, what people fail to recognize (unless they run a business of their own), is that not all clients are reasonable. There are those clients that one simply cannot please. What happens then, is the client will complain about your business and thus make you seem as the unreasonable one...however, nothing is stated on the client him/her self. We actually believe that in any business, and especially in the world of the Occult, that if one encounters a client as such, one must give them a chance, however if they fail, one must write a "review" on the said client, so that the public can see the full story, and so that other practitioners can know of the nature of the client if they are approached. So, thus we wrote this post. We hoped we kept you informed, and found this just as entertaining as us! If you have any inquiries, contact us - as he has made his case public. Dark Blessings, Namaste!


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