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The Black Book of Bel-El-Hul

Summary: The cost of our book, The Black Book of Bel-El-Hul, returns to normal.

Some time ago, as discussed in our video on the Negative Ego (which you should still watch), we announced that we were going to increase the cost of The Black Book of Bel-El-Hul greatly and exponentially...which we have.

The purpose of this, for those of you who didn't watch the video, or who simply skipped through it, wasn't greed, nor was it to "protect" you for some reason. It was targeted, frankly, at your own Negative Ego...and, since so many who purchase that utterly notorious book cannot handle it, so that we do not have to sit with the aftermath of people who do not read warnings and cautions (all of which is on the actual product page of the book itself, by the way).

Did it teach individuals to be sure about what they are getting themselves into? Did it teach them to actually read warnings? It had no such effect, and in fact, our drastic increase of the price actually made The Black Book of Bel-El-Hul even more popular, notorious and sought-after. We anticipated that something like this might happen...however, the process was expedited exponentially so...with it taking effect the very same day we increased the price. We literally made it the most sought-after grimoire of this year.

This wasn't our intent nor purpose, and, since we are not going to be the voice of reason to those who want to dive in head-first into practices that they do not fully understand...we are returning that book to its usual price.

This, actually, also makes us think about the condition of instant gratification: if it is easily available, you want it...but if it becomes difficult to obtain, then you rush out at it like its black friday...and you absolutely MUST have it.

You may detect a note of disdain in our words, and indeed, you aren't wrong - however, if people purchase this grimoire without reading the warnings, without following instructions etc and thereby causing themselves to get a mental break, major spiritual afflictions etc etc etc - we will not be there to pick up the metaphorical pieces any longer. You will pay us to care about your plight and condition which you caused by your own ignorance. We will still be available for questions on the book and the like, clarification on the contents if needed...but if you weren't ready for that book or its contents and found out the hard way that you are, in fact, a complete dabbler? We will no longer freely assist these individuals.

We have also learned a dear lesson in this - once again: no good deed goes unpunished.


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