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The Necromantic Art

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 09/09/2019 Many a person is drawn to the paradigm of Necromancy, due to the uncertainty of death, the allure of the unknown and the mystery of the denizens of Death. It is good to ask questions and to wonder about the Great Mysteries hidden upon Terra-Firma, The Firmament and Other Worlds, however to simply test the waters in Necromancy is to open a door which very few individuals are skilled enough to close. Unlike other Occult Practices, humanity is very intimately linked to the forces of the Grave due to the looming threat of mortality. Even though many a person fears death, some set themselves aside and risked sanity and phobia to explore the realms which lie beyond the Tomb. These individuals came to be known as Necromancers. However even these Necromancers made grievous mistakes and paid with their lives, souls and even sanity…negligence in Necromancy gets you killed. We are not writing this short introduction to discourage you, quite the contrary, we are encouraging you, yet with enough information to prepare you for this great undertaking. Let's continue… Every spell, incantation and conjuration of the Dead is known in structure as the Operation of Grand Necromancy. Necromancy (aside from the mage and the dead) is powered by the Resonance of two Planets: Pluto and Saturn. Resonance refers to the “energy” the Planet emits which is directed at another planet or towards space and earth. Without giving you a lesson in Astrology, we are willing to part with the bare basics, as this subject is vast. Let's continue… All spirits of the dead which is resident within this world, travels upon the currents of Aether which in our world is part of the very Air we breath. Each spirit of the Dead has a Principality and Power which equates to (in this regard) a Character and Capability. Some spirits keeps their personality as it was when they were alive, yet others become bitter, angered, violent etc. To be able to select the correct Spirit to work with, you will need to do one of two things: Conjure the Spirit in the place where it died - this will require some research, if the deceased is unknown to you. Create a Temple of the Dead. You will need a room for this - preferably with a window, which can open and close. The Temple of The Dead will serve as a “Door” which allows the dead to step into the world of the living - especially the area unto which you have dedicated to them. Here is a VERY important tip: Cleanse the room with salt water I.E wash every inch of that room with salt water and burn Sage to expel the Aetheric muck which accumulated there. You will only do this once and NEVER again. Any pungent/acrid/bitter aroma expels negative residual energy - remember this tip well. Once you have done this, scatter grave dirt (dirt from or within an occupied grave -usually from the oldest male or female grave in the cemetery etc.) in the four corners of the room. Then write or procure an Incantation (such as from the Gospel of The Ghouls Vol.1) Place an Altar/Table in the center of the room - always facing West. Place a White candle on each corner of the Altar (this represents the four corners of the world) with warding/protective sigils to the left and right - flanking the center of the table on either side I.e upon the table/altar. On the Incantation: This incantation must contain the following: The name of an Overseer Spirit such as Dumah, Gabriel etc. The Words of Power to constrain and direct the Spirit of the Dead. The Name of the Spirit of the Dead, which you wish to Conjure and other relevant details of the spirit such as date of death/birth, location of death, mother, father etc. More words of constraint etc Aside from the Incantation/Conjuration, you WILL need a “Rivet”. This is simply an object, item etc which belonged to the spirit while living. Such as a signature, nail clipping, blood, hair, clothing, jewelry etc etc. This you will place upon the center of the table within a ring of grave dirt (the same dirt you placed in the four corners of the Temple). Some make use of the triangle of manifestation - however this is not needed. Next you will need 1 medium of manifestation and 1 medium of sustenance: Sweet Incense - which is the air of fire for manifestation Water - which is the medium of life and sustenance. These two elements not only serve to make manifest the spirit, but also imitates the nature of the Spirit: The corporeal essence of liquid and the Aetheric vapour. The Incense is placed to the right of the Rivet and the water to the left. You will open the window to ensure a draft passing through the temple. Light the candles: Left-rear, Right-Rear, Right-Front and Left-Front. Light the Incense, and Speak the Incantation. Here is the part which will allow you to communicate with the spirit: Choose one Use a pendulum Use a dowsing rod Use a Spirit Radio None of the above for you can see and speak to spirits, and have developed your Occult faculties to a high degree which allows this perception and communication. If you select 1, 2 or 3, you will need to explain to the spirit how these tools work - as if you are speaking to a child. Not all spirits need instructions on the tools, but be weary of those that does not need instruction. Close at hand you will have an exorcism ready - just in case things gets a bit rowdy. Please pay attention to the following in regards to the exorcism incantation: Don’t bother with Christian or Catholic rites of exorcisms, find a Necromantic Exorcism. With these exorcisms, you will find powerful but neutral words of dismissal of the spirit once you are done working with it. This is known universally as the Great or Lessor Discharge of the Spirit - Make note of this and do not confuse a Necromantic exorcism with a Discharge to the Spirit. Note: There exist numerous Seal, Sigil, Chief Spirits, Operations etc on the subject, if you are uncertain about a thing, research it or abandon it. Great caution will be required in this field especially if you wish to become self-taught. This concludes the very basics of a Necromantic Operation, you would be wise to study the Subject matter in extent before attempting such an Operation. Do not attempt this Ritual for thrills, as it serves to educate the individual on the paradigm of Necromancy (as a very small example of the whole) and the Spirits of the dead will not be kind unto the ignorant, as they will toy with you until you become less than a plaything to them…be warned.


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Extremely informative. Thank you.

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