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The seal on this ring is taken from The Book of Oberon - an Elizabethan Grimoire, translated from the anonymous 2 volume Latin manuscript, compiled from around 1577 to sometime after 1583.

This ring will cause all Aerial and Infernal spirits to obey you once it is properly empowered. Make note that many old grimoires refer to malicious or Infernal intelligences if they mention “Aerial”. This ring is a signet ring with the sigil inside a double border.


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Please make sure that you follow the sizing diagrams to find out your exact ring size. We will not be held responsible if you chose a ring size that’s too small or to large due to your negligence! To find your ring size, refer to the Ring Size Guide. Take a string and measure the circumference of the finger you want to wear the ring upon, then compare the measurement to the chart.


All of the rings we offer are made using the lost wax casting process - the lost wax process, also called cire-perdue, is a method of metal casting in which a molten metal is poured into a mold that has been created by means of a wax model. Once the mold is made, the wax model is melted and drained away, and then filled with the chosen metal. This process is ancient and has been used all over the world. All of our rings are completely solid unless otherwise stated. The examples shown are mockup renders - thusly is in no way a display of the end product. The end product will be pristine and in exceptional quality.


You have many material options which we will list below with a few details on the variants. If you desire a metal not listed here, such as gold, please contact us. Also, please make note that we also offer custom designs, so contact us to inquire on these. For the empowerment of the ring, we will instruct you on as required.


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Polished Copper

We use 100% copper that is hand-polished to achieve a smooth, shiny surface. It has a red-orange color that oxidizes over time turning the surface a darker brown, blue, or greenish color depending on the environment. The lost wax casting is capable of showcasing intricate details, offering a professional, finished look and feel that oxidizes over time creating a corrosion resistant boundary layer on the surface of the part. It is corrosion resistant and skin friendly.


Polished Gold Plated Brass

Gold Plated Brass is plated with 14K or 18K gold (depending on your choice) and is available in both yellow (14K and 18K) and rose (14K) colors. It’s capable of showcasing intricate details and offers a professional, finished look and feel. Gold Plated Brass, electroplated with 0.25 microns, is an economical alternative to solid gold for jewelry and other accessories for occasional wear. For jewelry for everyday wear, we recommend Brass or Gold. Gold Plated Brass is a durable material, but can still scratch or wear through. Prolonged surface wear can rub off the finish. To prevent damage, we recommend storing your item in a soft cloth pouch away from other products, and avoiding exposure to household chemicals and cleaning products.


Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver (92.5% silver) is a high quality silver alloy commonly used in jewelry and other skin-safe applications. With several finishing options and the ability to showcase intricate details, 3D printing Silver offers a professional, finished look and feel. Silver may tarnish over time, but can be polished to achieve a like-new surface. The Polished Silver option has a hand-polished finish, and a smooth, shiny surface. The Antique Silver option have the details blackened to achieve an aged or steampunk look.


Polished Steel

Steel is an affordable and strong metal that is well-suited for consumer products both small and large with an industrial look and feel. It is infused with bronze, creating a material that is 60% steel and 40% bronze and can range in color from a silver gray to reddish bronze. It comes in Bronzed-Silver, Black, Bronze and Gold finishes.


Polished Brass

A Copper alloy containing 15% Zinc, 5% Tin, and 80% Copper, this Brass material showcases intricate details and offers a professional, finished look and feel. Brass may include dealing with tarnish over time, but these materials can easily be polished to achieve a like-new surface.


Polished Bronze

Bronze is a copper-tin alloy featuring a deep red color, similar to rose gold. Jewelry, accessories, and home decor are all popular applications for use with Bronze. This metal material exhibits a subtle marbling effect with silvery highlights, giving each piece unique character with a vintage look. Composed of 10% Tin and 90% Copper, Bronze materials are capable of showcasing intricate details, and offering a professional, finished look and feel. This material will tarnish over time, but can be polished back to achieve a like-new surface.


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All rings are made to order, which means that as soon as we receive your order, th