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In many fields of Magick and the Occult Arts there is a practice where you use a Talisman, Effigy or Item that diverts any curses placed upon you to the Talisman, Effigy or Item instead, rendering the curses moot and ineffective towards their initial target - you - and instead breaks the energies and directive of the curse up and nullifies them. All of this without the caster of the curse knowing that their curses are diverted.


Although a well-documented form of spiritual protection, not many people are aware of how to perform or apply this for themselves, hence the purpose of this Talisman.


By purchasing this, we will create a completely unique and personalised Curse Vacuum Talisman, so rest assured, each will be one of a kind and completely tailor-made per person.


For this, we will require the full name of the person that the Talisman is for, ie who will use it/the owner, as well as the date of birth and (optional) photo). Also make note that this is valid for one individual, so if you want this to effect more than one person, you need to purchase more than one of these Talismans.

The Curse Vacuum Talisman

  • Upon receiving your order and the details of the individual who the talisman is for, we shall create your selected talisman and send it to you via email - note that this is not a physical product, however, if you desire the talisman to be physical, please contact us before placing an order and we will accommodate you.

    You will be provided with the talisman via email (as mentioned) as well as instructions on how to apply it.

    • The full name and surname (birthname) of the person whom the Talisman is for.
    • The birthdate of the person whom the Talisman is for.
    • The photo of the person whom the Talisman is for (optional).