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Subscription Plans

On this page you can browse all of the subscription plans we have to offer. Many of these will provide you with great discounts versus purchasing these services on a standalone basis.

Choose your Subscription

Find one that works for you

  • Seeker

    Every month
    For seekers of knowledge through courses and our guidance
    • Unlimited consultations
    • 5 Divinations per month
    • Access to all our online courses
  • Monthly Reiki

    Every month
    Get a Reiki session every week
    • Weekly Reiki Sessions
  • Weekly Cleansings

    Every month
    Get an Energetic Cleansing session each week
    • Weekly Energetic Cleansings
  • Perpetual Guidance

    Every month
    Get unlimited Email consultations per month
    • Unlimited Email Consultations

Subscriptions plans automatically renews every month and can be cancelled at any point int time by visiting your account. Subscription plans do not qualify for refunds.

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