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"As Above, So Below - As Within, So Without"

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We are Matthew Rheiner and Robin Vanessa Le Roux, also known as “Baron and Baronessa Araignee”. (Personally, we find pseudonyms ridiculous however it seems to achieve its goal). We are the owners of Araignee Arcane Services, The Arcane Press as well as authors on the subject of Spiritual Ascension and the Metaphysical. Under Araignee Arcane Services, we offer our clients a wide range of specialized Occult services, from Spiritual Counseling, Consultations, Evocations, Divinations, Astrology, a few of our published books and a whole range of metaphysical services and products.

Our personal practice is known as “Hexagrammaton” under which we published a book with the same title: The Hexagrammaton. Our path is not a road which many can and will follow as it takes a tremendous amount of dedication to see through. The path of the Hexagrammaton is one which is balanced yet centers around the hidden nature or “Aleph” of every individual: the seat of god.

Our personal path is not influenced by any other paradigms or people but is formulated from experience and practically applied from what we found as undeniable evidence hidden in various places.

Even though we have studied and practiced many lessor variants of the Occult, such as Alchemy, Witchcraft, Ceremonial High Magick, Grand Necromancy and others, we can profess that the greatest of Great Work lies hidden within each individual, and not outside of humanity. Unfortunately, through numerous misconceptions, misinformation and so forth, the world of the Metaphysical has become no better than religious institutions which are founded by individuals who twist the Truth to suit their own deluded needs. With this being said, we are not Religious individuals, nor do we attribute demons and goblins to everything which goes bump in the night!

We are Stoic individuals with lucid reasoning, thus cannot be convinced of the existence of anything if there is not undeniable evidence to support its existence. In other words: We are not theorists…

We are also ordained ministers (Rev.) in good standing under the  Church of Metaphysics and  currently hold our Bachelor degrees in  Metaphysical Sciences (B.Msc) from the University of Metaphysics in Sedona, Arizona in the United States.

Aside from this, we are also  members of the International Reiki Organization, and both of us have  received our Master Reiki certifications in the Usui Ryoho Reiki school.

We may be contacted via our website's Contact page, via email at or, or via various Social Media platforms.

We reside on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa - however, our business caters to the global community.


Our Business and Ethics

We are experts in our field and our experience will reflect upon the work we are employed to perform on behalf of our distinguished clients. Araignee Arcane Services is a business platform, like any other business, in which we conduct ourselves in accordance to our Divine Law and Will and no other. The individual/group cannot reason with us contrary to our experience; as we do not entertain the ideals and whims of this world. We do not discriminate against race, age, gender, sexuality and so forth.

However, we regard our clients as they should be regarded and will lend support where relevant and where prudent to do so. We welcome you to inquire upon all the products and services we offer, as long as it is relevant on the subject matter, we will gladly answer your questions. At times we may not respond immediately, due to us having a personal life aside from our business, but we can assure all your relevant questions will be answered. Remember, we reside in South Africa, so keep in mind the difference in time zones. To play it safe, you can consider C.A.T time more accurate and if we are online at that time, you will receive a swift response. Needless to say, we can also be reached on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Kindly note: All cases are not accepted by us, as it may conflict with our ideals and natures. If you have nefarious motives, we will not assist you. If you are depraved and unjust, we will not help you - in this regard we weigh and measure each individual in extent and degree, and do so as well with every case presented to us. This means that it would be wise of you to be open and honest with us from the beginning as we do not tolerate lies and deceit under any format, presentation and motive(s). Do not mistake our judgement with that of social acceptability – what we deem as just and unjust is not based upon the fallible moral code of humanity. Also note that you will be speaking to two people at any given point and time (Rheiner and Vanessa) but with time you will get use to it. Approach us respectfully and we will conduct our business with you respectfully - however if you are snide or disrespectful towards us in any manner, we are not forgiving people and you will do well to remember this.

We keep all personal information of our clients private, unless the client(s) decides to promote details of their case publicly via social media platforms and or any other platforms. We use encrypted emails and our host from which we run our website also uses encryption and high security protocol for online transactions.

Many people have asked us why we use "Araignee" as part of our aliases and part of our business name - well, the reason is more symbolic than you may think.

"Araignee" is a French word meaning "spider". Let's take a moment to think about spiders. They are tenacious and dedicated, they are specialized in what they do, they are exceptionally skilled, they are calculating - they can basically be seen as the specialists of the insect world...every move they make have a purpose. Admirable little creatures, aren't they?

For the very reasons above, as well as the nature of spiders - we felt long ago that they would be a perfect symbol for us as well as our business - after all, our natures and approach to all that we do is very similar to spiders. Even though over the years we have added other key symbols to our business (such as the twin snakes, the seven-pointed star, the "Ka" symbol, the eye etc) the oldest symbol we have used, as well as the aliases we still use consist of the spider.

Back to the origins of our business. Our business, which we are extremely proud of, we have built from the ground up using nothing but what we had at our disposal - us and our experience, knowledge and skills concerning Magick and the Occult Arts. After years of working for other people, we decided to "break free" from the mundane work options, and have created Araignee Arcane Services.

Since we started practicing the Occult Arts, we didn't just practice it on an occasional basis - no! We practiced, lived, breathed...and became the Occult Arts! Every moment of every day of our lives - since then and even until now - we have dedicated to our practices. So, it was only natural for us to make it our profession as well!

Our business goals started simple - basically to assist people seeking magickal assistance in various situations. However, as the years went by, our goals expanded and started to reflect our personal goals. Now, apart from our initial goals - we strive to eliminate all misconceptions and misinformation in the world of the Occult, to help people realize their own power and potential, to shed light on what is hidden - amongst other things. Which leads on to why you should make use of our services.

If you think we are like any other Occult business - you better look twice! By making use of our various services, you ensure only the best for whatever matter you employ us on. Here are some of the reasons why you should make use of our services:


  • We never give up on any case until the desired result is achieved.

  • We do not discriminate against any case or any client.

  • All dealings with us are completely confidential.

  • We personally deal with all cases, divinations and anything else.

  • We do not "fluff" things up and have a no bullshit approach to all that we do.

  • We offer you courses (specific and custom) and information which returns the power to you, where it belongs.

  • Our pricing is affordable and competitive.

  • We cater to the international market.

  • We are published authors with many books available, all of which are highly praised.

  • We conduct all our dealings in spirit and in truth.

  • And of course you have us (with all our experience, knowledge, skill, tenacity and dedication) on your case!

Why don't you make use of our services, or purchase anything from this website and see for yourself what we can do for you!

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