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Spellwork & Rituals

Spellwork - likely one of the cornerstones of the Occult world! Here follows some of the matters we can assist you with in regards to Spellwork. Please note that these are but examples and does not indicate all of our fields of expertise nor all that we can offer you.

You may notice that we are not listing set Spellwork options nor their prices - the reason for this is rather simple. No two Spells are exactly the same - each case is unique, and so the approach will be unique. By attempting to list all possible Spellwork options will be an impossible endevour.

This being said, if you wish to employ us to perform Spellwork on your behalf, please contact us and tell us a bit more about your case and what you want. From there, we will provide you with a list of options that would best suit you, as well as the quotes for each. Below you will find some examples of what we can assist you with, but know that this is by no means everything we can do for you. If you are uncertain, we will still be able to advise you.


Curses & Bindings

We will offer you a wide selection of curse variants - from causing illness, insanity, impotence, poverty, causing relationships to fail…all the way to death and destruction.


Protection & Blessings

We can set guardians upon you, set protections over areas, remove curses, remove spiritual attachments and more.


Love & Passion

Matters of the heart are extremely delicate and you need an expert on your side to obtain your wishes and desires. When all other avenues fail you, employ our services to bring you true love, a specific person, to bring wild passion and more.


Prosperity & Gain

We can open the floodgates of abundance - if you only employ us. We can perform workings for employment, prosperity, financial opportunities and more.


Spirits & Intelligences

At times it is good and well to stand alone, however if you have a Spirit or Intelligence on your side, you will never be alone! Employ our services to evoke an Intelligence on your behalf - no matter the culture, tradition or heritage.


Health & Healing

The deeper the tree buries it's roots, the more abundant fruit it bares. We can perform a healing spell on your behalf, or teach you the methods to heal yourself.


Spellwork Request Form

Fill out the form below, detailing what Spellwork, Working or Ritual you are interested in, and we will reach out to you. Alternatively, you can also fill out our contact form on our Contact page.

At times, our responses may be delayed due to the high volume of clients we have to tend to. We will contact you as soon as we are capable of doing so - do not be disheartened.

Please remember to also check your Spam folder if you have received seemingly no replies from us! To ensure that you receive all emails from us, please add us to your Whitelist in your email service provider by following the instructions here.

Thanks for submitting!

We will contact you shortly.

How We Work

We will require the full details of your case along with the details of those involved – such as full names, birth dates and photos. If you do not have much details of the target/s, simply provide us with what you have. This will assist us in establishing a better link to your case and those involved.

After payment is received, we will inform you on the date on which the ritual will be performed. After the ritual has been performed, we will inform you on the outcome, along with what you can expect and what you can do on your behalf (if anything).

During the course of the working, if you have any questions concerning your case, please do not hesitate to ask. If you have feedback to give at any time, please let us know. Concerning correspondence – it is done in our timezone (CAT), so please do not expect replies within seconds. We have many clients to assist at any given time, and we have a personal life as well. However, rest assured, your messages and emails will be answered.

Our fees for all our workings are once-off per case and there are no hidden-costs. Fees for our workings include all ritual implements, offerings, sacrifices (if needed), one pre-ritual divination, one post-ritual divination, one divination apart from the two aforementioned divinations, one reinforcement per case if needed, channeling (if needed) and of course our expert time and advice. We shall work with you until the desired result is achieved and we never give up on any of our clients.

Spellwork Terms and Conditions

By employing our services:

  • You agree to provide truthful information regarding your case at all times without deception or purposeful misinformation.

  • You agree to not employ another practitioner on the same case which you employ us for. Magick from different practitioners do not mix, especially if they do not work together willfully. This will cause negative effects in the working itself, and in some cases for you as well. If you wish to employ us while work has already been done by another, inform us of this and inform the other practitioner that you no longer need their services.

  • You agree to follow any post-ritual guidance we may give you – none of it will be complex. This will simply cause results to manifest sooner.

  • You agree to keep us updated on your case, as it is your responsibility to inform us on any occurrences relevant to your case.

  • If at any time you contravene any of these terms (by willfully lying or withholding information, by attempting to deceive or mislead us, by employing another practitioner on the same case/situation/purpose as us, by willfully ignoring our guidance etc) we hold the right to cease working on your case completely with immediate effect, and to cease any business dealing with you in the future.

  • None of our spellwork carries any refunds – however no refunds will be needed as we always deliver results. If you have employed us for spellwork, and you have contravened any of these terms and conditions listed, and we thereby refuse service to you - you will also not be provided with any refund as you pay us for the privilege of doing business with us, and we do not like our time wasted.

  • We reserve the right to refuse services or products unto any individual on any basis.

  • All of your information will be kept confidential.

  • If you accept a quote from us and request us to send you an invoice for the service or services you have selected, please ensure that you make payment within 24 hours of the invoice being sent...unless another arrangement has been made with us directly. Kindly do not ask us to send an invoice if you have no intent to partake of our services. All invoices which have not been settled via payment will be voided (cancelled) by us in the said time period and a surcharge will be added if you decide to request the same invoice once again. We do not like our time wasted.

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