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Magick and Time-frames

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 08/03/2016 One of the things that most practitioners and practitioners-to-be debate upon is the time frame magick takes to work in. Is it three days for a sign, three weeks for movement and three months for manifestation? Or is it seven? There are honestly so many examples of this. After monitoring such claims from people and grimoires alike, we've decided it's time for us to chip in as well - not to conform, but rather to give our opinion. Whatever you want to make of this and whether you want to believe this or not - is solely up to you. long does it take for magick to work? No-one alive or dead, not any Beings, Spirits or Deities can truthfully and accurately say. But why not? Now it's time for the nitty-gritty of it. In this post we shall explain the common things that can either slow down the process of magick, or speed it up. To do this, we're going to give you a crash-course in how magick works. Magick is energy - and the intent of your spell/working etc is thus energy as well. Regardless if you work with your own faculties or with external Forces - it all boils down to energy. For ease of visualization - you can see this energy as a thick viscous substance impregnated with will and intent surrounding the person or goal you have in mind. This substance is linked to both you and your target. From the moment you cast your spell or do your working - hell, from the moment you set your will and intent upon your goal before you even do your working - this mass of energy is already manifested and attached to the parties involved. So, since it is instantaneously attached to all parties involved, then why doesn't it take immediate effect like you see in the movies? Time for reality... - Reality versus Hollywood TV series, movies, books - anything concerning the Occult and Magick that you see on the telly with actors, producers, writers, directors and so forth is just that - a work of fiction. Yes, it might be LOOSELY based upon the truth...however it is dolled up for the masses to make it more elaborate and at times to carry over the meaning behind it. Think very carefully and lucidly now - do you seriously think that if you throw a poppet together and stick it full of pins, that the victim all of a sudden falls down with wounds directly over where you placed the pins? No. Same goes with Beings and such in Evocation - you will NOT see Them as is depicted in movies. If it was like this, then you would see people dropping all over the place with their limbs ripped off by an unseen Force - which you do not see. So if your life-long belief of magick was based upon the dreams of Hollywood...sorry to disappoint. - Negativity There is negativity surrounding absolutely everyone and everything, all thanks to the negative ego...and thanks to this same thing, some people are more engulfed in negativity than others. Negativity is everything that is...negative. Insecurity, stress, it. So, how does this effect time frames? Simple. This negativity that surrounds you as well as your target can be seen as a wall. So, the energy form your spellwork has to penetrate this wall (or at times walls) to get a good hold upon your target and even you to get the results to manifest. It does this by slowly breaking through little "gaps" in these walls and obviously, the more walls, the longer it will take to breach it. To speed it up, at least on your end - YOU MUST LET GO OF ANY AND ALL DOUBT IN YOURSELF AND YOUR WORKING...because negative self doubt will only cause it to take longer. The less negativity there is surrounding you and your target - the faster it will take effect. - Be realistic After a working has been not expect ridiculous results. For example if you cast a spell for money, do not expect a fortune of money to magickally appear in your bank account from an unknown donor while you sit on your ass. That happens in fiction...not in reality. Be realistic in your expectations. Magick can and does perform miracles...but not like this. - Spiritual Energy To send energy, you must have energy to send. This goes along with a strong will, intent and desire for results. If you are not 100% invested in your goal...there is immediately room for self-doubt. Also - when you first step into the world of the Occult, do not think you can make the whole world bow at your every whim. You need to grow in your energy as well as your spiritual power - hence you must conquer yourself before conquering others. - Let it go There is a reason why grimoires that are worth their salt tells you to let it go after you have cast a spell. This works for two reasons. If you did the working without any external Forces - if you do not let it go, then it shows self-doubt again. If you did the working with an external Force and you do not let it go - it shows distrust in Whom you have worked with, and thus weakness. Do the math. - Strange Ways Magick sometimes manifests in very strange ways. Remember - energy and thus magick always takes the easiest route to the goal. So be clear in your statements, and also keep your eyes and mind open for "strange happenings" after you have done your might lead to your desired goal. There is no such thing as coincidences. This is simply a few examples concerning time frames in magickal workings - for a more complete write up regarding this matter...refer to the book we wrote which is available here on our website, called "The Stars Are Not Right". Namaste!


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