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The Vajra Mantra

In lieu of the next Grimoire we will release - which is a book on Mantra and Sutra for practical use in Esoteric currents - we have decided to create a Mantra as a "teaser" so to speak, as within the book, you will be making use of some Primordial energies as well.

That which we are going to present within the book will be far more detailed...yet, this serves as a taste.

Vajra is the Lightning Astra (weapon) of Lord Indra - a spiritual weapon that he used to destroy the Demon King Vritra. This mantra will destroy blockages within a person’s life such as spiritual and financial drought. The colour of this energy form is blue and brilliant white that resounds like deep deafening thunder. It enters the crown from the heavens, courses through the Crown Chakra and exits through the crown.

The Mantra is:

 "Vajra-vajra, mahāvajraṃ aham āhvānāmi, paramaṃ vajraṃ, prakāśasva-svaha."

The translation of the Mantra is:

"Vajra-vajra, I invoke the great vajra, the greatest vajra, manifest."

Feel free to use in your practices as you see fit, and may it serve you well.


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Thank you Baron and Baronessa! I can't wait for the release of the grimoire!

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