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The Plight of Knowing the Self

The most important thing for you to know is who you are. Who are you as an individual? What are your likes, dislikes, traits? What is your nature? What are you willing to do and where do you draw a line? The notion of knowing yourself sounds so simple – yet you would be surprised at how many people do not truly know themselves.

We aren’t talking about knowing yourself on a mundane level – as we are sure that everyone at least has an idea of their mundane likes and dislikes, such as their favorite food, what clothes they like to wear and so on. No. We are talking about your core nature as an individual. Let’s refer to this as knowing yourself on a spiritual basis.

At some point in time in anyone’s practices, you will come to question yourself, especially when faced with some moral conundrum or something like that, or even when deciding what Entity to work with or what paradigm to follow. We will highlight paradigms especially, as many people like the idea of a paradigm or practice, but they themselves do not actually align with those practices or paradigms. Many people want to practice the Left-Handed Paths (Necromancy, Infernal Magick etc), as an example, because they like the idea of it and because of this, they think that they should practice it…and when they actually do practice it, they realize that the core nature of those paradigms are not exactly what they thought, or were willing to dive into.

When situations like this arise, and the individual asks themselves “but who am I really? What should I do?”…they seek the answers in all the wrong places.

Some look up at the planets and the Zodiac for answers. Others ask various Spirits, Entities and Deities for answers. Others look at alleged “past lives” for answers. People look everywhere for answers – yet, none of these answers will actually truly answer the question of who you are as an individual.

The planets and Zodiac, although this holds some perceptive sway, cannot describe who you are or your core nature. Why? Well…to put this in a very simple way: the stars and planets are up there, and you are here. You are you, they are not you.

Entities and Deities cannot exactly describe who you are or your core nature. Why? Each of them will answer in accordance with their own nature and this will influence their answers to you. If you ask a Demon if you have a “darker” nature, it will say that you do. Yet, if you ask an Earth Elemental if you have an “earth-based” nature, then it will also say that you do. If you ask your Patron, Matron or Head Spirit what your nature is, they will always answer as if you and them share a nature…yet, this is not exactly true in its entirety. They are not you – you are you.

And, although the subject of a lot of groans on our side, we must mention the whole “past lives” idea as well. Firstly, we have spoken out against the notions of “karma” and “past lives” time and time again. Karma and reincarnation are the products of religious moral dichotomy – the sword over the head to make sure that you follow what they say you should follow, and act how they say you should act…like a good little trained monkey. It does not exist. Cause and effect exists, and this is the closest actual thing to karma – except that cause and effect is real and exists whether you believe in it or not. Don’t even get us started on reincarnation – you came into existence when you took your first breath of life – not before. You did not “live before”. No. You are a new creature with a new soul/spirit within you. You have not been recycled. Reincarnation has been discredited by us and many others with proof, so we will say no more on this heavily taxing subject.

Moving on – these examples all have one thing in common: when people try to find out who they are, they always tend to look outward instead of in the most obvious and lucid direction: inward. We know, as we speak from experience. We were there as well – looking for ourselves. We looked at the heavens and stars as well…and we also consulted with many Spirits and Entities. We even made use of some more arcane methods to find out who we are. But…in the end, the only things that could tell us who we are, what our natures are…was us ourselves.

So, to the question of who you are? We answer this: you are you. You are not the product of the “dictation” of the stars and planets. You are not a copy-and-paste of someone else. You are you. And how do you know what your core and base nature and character is? Look at yourself. You will know. Spend some actual time looking at yourself, spending time with yourself, noting your thoughts and reasoning – not how you were trained to think and reason, or how you are expected to think and reason – but how you, as an individual, just you yourself think and reason.

No one can tell you who you are but you yourself, you are beholden only unto yourself and you are created and formed by no one and nothing but you yourself. Remember this.



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