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  • "Tell me about your Divinations..."
    If you request a divination from us, regardless the method used - we will request your full question and the full names and birthdates of those involved in the question. Photos are optional. All divinations and consultations can be securely ordered through our online Store here on this site. Then, within 48 hours of payment received - we will do the requested divination and report back to you with the results. You can rest assured for accurate and informative divinations each and every time. We do not tell our clients what they want to hear - we tell them the truth of the situation. To order a divination from us, visit our Store page. It is your responsibility to give us the details required.
  • "Tell me about your Spellwork..."
    If you request a working from us - we will advise on the matter first and inform you if it can be done or not. If your working cannot be done in the way that you wish, we will advise you on which workings we can do as a substitution. We do offer payment plans, however for exceptional cases only. If your working can be done, we will require: - The full names and birth dates of those involved. - Photos. - Full details and background story. As with our divinations, we require the above information to establish a strong spiritual or psychic link with the parties involved. As soon as we have sent you your invoice for the service agreed upon and payment is received, we will inform you on how we will proceed, as well as establish the day etc we will do the requested working based on the Planetary Days and Nights, and inform you on this as well. After the working has been done, we will inform you of the working's completion and details. We then answer any questions and inform you on what you can expect. Please note that some workings will take time to fully manifest. At other times - the results cannot be controlled by us or anyone else. We require all our clients to keep us updated as to the progress of the working's manifestation. Our fees for all our workings are once-off per working - there are no hidden-costs. Fees for our workings include all ritual implements, offerings, sacrifices (if needed), 2 subsequent divinations in regards to the working, channeling (if needed), a post ritual divination apart from the 2 aforementioned and of course our expert time and advice. We do not believe in "karma" nor do we discriminate against any client...we work according to our own Divine Law and Will to deliver service excellence! We shall work with you until the desired result is achieved. We never give up on any of our clients.
  • "Tell me about your Books and Custom Products..."
    All our products are handmade by us to ensure potency and quality, unless we have stated otherwise. They are also made to order. This means that we keep no stock of any item, unless shown in our Store. In regards to our books - we do not keep them in stock either, as they are printed on demand. We cannot answer for any delays that may be caused by the printers - however on all our books and products, we update our clients on the progress and the shipping of each order. When delays do occur prior to your order, we offer a money-back guarantee - however, if delays occur after you have placed your order and you wish to change your mind, you may select a product or service of equal value to the original order. After your order has been placed, and payment received, we will commence on the making of the requested products. We will then ship it to you via the shipping service you chose and supply you with a tracking number for your convenience where available.
  • "Tell me about your Payment options..."
    We used to make use of PayPal primarily, however, since we have received multiple complaints from our clients that do not want to work through PayPal, we have since made a new payment gateway available. Now, the following is very important, so please pay close attention. We also offer Payoneer as an alternate payment option - however, with this, we will send you an invoice through which you can make payments.
  • "Do you assist with any Special Requests?"
    Not all we offer is on our Store page! We mainly put fixed-price items in our web-store, such as consultations, apprenticeship courses, divinations, books, products and such. For Spellwork and for specific product can simply visit the corresponding page for more details, or contact us.
  • "Do you offer Payment Plans?"
    Yes, we do - however, only in cases we deem "exceptional". If you want to make use of a payment plan, the requested working will be divided into 3 or 4 parts or phases. Each "phase" will be done as soon as the next payment is received. Upon the last payment, the working will be completed and sealed. If it is concerning products, we will send you the products as soon as the full amount has been paid.
  • “Can I work with other practitioners while working with you?”
    For the same goal as us (i.e. the same objective) - no. Why we say no, is because every practitioner has their own way of doing workings. In cases where Mages work together on a single objective, it is much different because all of the practitioners involved usually work the spell on the same day, hour and with the same Deity/God/Spirit etc etc. So to cancel out any conflicting workings - no. If you have done work with another practitioner then came to us - we ask you to inform us because there might be backlash involved. If you choose to ignore the above mentioned, we will not be held liable for any malefic results. Furthermore, if you seek out the help of any other practitioner, group or organization for the exact same goal/situation/purpose as us and we find out about this (we will), we will cease any further business dealings with you indefinitely, and this includes all that we offer - namely spellwork, evocations, divinations, courses, and any further services aside from books and physical products. That being said, if you wish to no longer make use of our services, kindly inform us before you turn elsewhere and before any of our services is executed/commenced.
  • “I don’t know what would be best in my situation.”
    You can contact us with details of your situation, and we will advise you on how best to proceed - however, as our time is limited, we cannot discuss your case back and forth to no end. Please only consult us in this matter if you are serious.
  • “After you have done a spell for me, can I do anything myself?”
    It depends. Sometimes, the Gods/Beings/Spirits we work with asks for our client to do something. This is usually something small - like burning incense for example. Other times, we ourselves will advise you on anything you can do on your behalf if needed. However, when we tell you to do something - and you fail to do so, then we will not be held responsible for the effects thereof.
  • "Do you offer any Discounts?"
    Every once in a while, we have a "special offer" that involves different offers per time. Also, you get discount if you are a return client or referred another person to us who makes use of our services.
  • "What Shipping methods do you use?"
    To ensure that you receive your order, our shipping options all carry tracking numbers. The carriers differ, especially for our books since they are printed-on-demand and are shipped from the printers directly to you. This being said, the carrier tends to be FedEx, but you will be notified of the carrier nonetheless.
  • "How long will it take for a Spell to manifest?"
    There is no exact "time frame" that any spell works in. Some spells take effect immediately. Other take days. And other still - weeks, months, years etc. The reasons for this are many. In this - patience is required. If you cannot accept this, then magick is not for you. In our book "The Stars Are Not Right" we discuss this in greater detail.
  • "Are there any repercussions to Spellwork?"
    Yes and no. As we have mentioned previously, repercussions happen when different spells from different practitioners conflict against each other - and there are a couple more reasons why as well. However, in general, there is no such thing as the "threefold law of return" etc that Wiccans like to use. If you live (and practice) in balance, no repercussions will happen.
  • "How accurate is Divination?"
    Each method has it's own "level" of accuracy. It depends on the method used, the person divining, and if applicable - the Being/Spirit/God divined through. Also, know that divination mentions what the outcome of a situation will be if you follow the road you are on now. The future is not "set in stone". If you are upset about the outcome of a situation, you must actively change the present. However, in some cases this is not possible - as sometimes the outcome is inevitable.
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