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There is nothing more devastating than the loss of a loved one…it fucking tears away at your soul and compresses your heart in a relentless vice - hope, dreams and aspirations seems to die in an instant…nothing matters, only the great emptiness being filled with seeds of greater emptiness.

Razor blades of concentrated agony lacerates the psyche with its onslaught like a rusty nail scraping tirelessly upon a seeping wound…

We know the fallout of this tremendous pain...we know it all too fucking seems to never end. It feels like a continuum within limbo, where thoughts and feelings become inexplicable, almost obsolete…then the fucking numbness settles in - an ice-cold winter that paralyses all senses and even reality, and our perception becomes as salt pillars.

Every time we experience this, a part of us dies - and we fucking swear we can feel and hear that death rattle reverberating through our being…and then that silence. Sometimes we want to scratch away at our scarred mind just to FEEL anything other than seeping bitter cold agony that has cloaked us with its insidious mantle…we know you can relate.

Within our souls there is a graveyard filled with graves and upon our shoulders rest the innumerable corpses of memories…such a weighty load we bear, yet we bear it nonetheless, day in and day out…yet we stand tall, we will not bend or break.

The aforementioned  is our pain, so let us help you deal with yours… lets face the facts and stare death in the eyes together:

Here is the truth:

Take as long as you need to grieve. Your grief will last for as long as it needs to. NO ONE can tell you how long you should grieve or HOW you should grieve - remember, you are an individual, and YOU WILL deal with it in your own way when YOU are ready. The truth is that no one can get over loss…WHY? Because  to experience loss and grief indicates that you love that which you grieve and love is never ending and unconditional.

Here are the most truthful words you will hear anybody write regarding loss and grief.

Are you ready?

Are you certain you want to read this?




The question now is what are you going to do with YOUR LIFE…think very carefully, you will only get one chance at life…

We made ours, now it’s your choice.


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