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Addicts and Fiends

The past few days have been rather interesting in the Araignee household, to say the least. Earlier on in this week, we had a trespasser on our property…not a spiritual one, as you might think – but a physical one. Our usually-safe neighborhood has recently fallen prey to have-a-go thieves…the perpetrators in question being addicts with no forethought (or even proper thieving and trespassing common-sense we might add). The scummy jackals that usually hang around in alleyways, basically. No more dangerous than a cold, but twice as annoying as one.

Nonetheless, long story short, we intercepted him, and we’re fine – but we were (and still are) so angry at the sheer gall of this guy, looking straight into one of our security cameras with an expression of drug-induced oblivion and an air of “but nothing will happen to me”.

Him and his buddies have been scouring our neighborhood, no previous planning, no care if the inhabitants are home or not, nothing – hopping from property to property, checking to see if there may be an easy way into the houses. What parasites. We could bore you with the local politics of things…but we are pretty sure that these same parasitical jackals can be found within your own neighborhoods as well, so you know the story all too well already.

Although we hold our own in the mundane world, with mundane physical acts…our true strength lies in the spiritual…and so this blog post does not serve as a rant against the addled, but rather as a showcase of one very specific Entity which we will introduce to you. A blast from our past, so to speak.

We took a number of steps because of this recent event…both mundane and Magickal…and for a part of the Magickal aspect, we returned to an Entity which we know all to well (him and his family…so to speak), as this falls right up his alley…

We introduce to you…Baron Kriminel.

If the name is not familiar to you, Baron Kriminel is from the Voodoun pantheon, and falls under the Guede...amongst all of his brother-Barons. Many people are more familiar with Baron Samedi, which is arguably one of the more well-known Guede, but let us explain the Barons a bit better.

Baron Samedi is one of many “Barons” (so to speak) from the Voodoun pantheon. You also get Baron Nibbo, Baron Cimetri, Baron La Croix, Baron Piquante, Baron Kriminel, Baron Lundi and many, many others. They refer to each other as “close brothers”…and, we suppose, that it exactly what they are to each other. No one of them is above the others – they are all equal. Kalfu is also considered by them as a “brother”, although he is not Guede. To clarify, “Guede” is a grouping of Lwa (Deities/Entities) that falls under the Necromantic pantheon or aspect of Voodoun. Kalfu is not Necromantic, but Liminal. Nonetheless…

We and the Barons Guede (as well as Kalfu) go way back, years and years ago when we were deeply immersed in those currents and have always been on extremely good terms with them. So, when this recent situation transpired, we were immediately reminded of one of their ranks – Baron Kriminel.

Baron Kriminel is one of the more feared Barons Guede, being extremely vicious and sadistic…hateful and murderous. In case his name did not give it away, Baron Kriminel’s specialty lies in crime and those who commit it. You see, he is both a “patron” of criminals (the more violent, the better) and will protect them if he walks with them…but, he is also the machete of justice and vengeance against criminals and those who have escaped justice. He is fierce, merciless and bloodthirsty without compare.

So…we approached this dear old friend of ours anew, rum at the ready, with a murderous fire raging within our hearts. Let us just say this – our drug-addled junkie is fucked.

So, this post is a shout-out to the collective Barons Guede, and especially to Baron Kriminel…not because we promised this, but because we want to pay honor to some dear old friends of ours...and also perhaps introduce you to one of them in so doing.

All of our writings, including our blog posts, are copyrighted to us (Rheiner and Vanessa Le Roux under the pseudonyms of Baron and Baronessa Araignee) and our business Araignee Arcane Services. Our writings are original and not copied content.

If you like any of our posts and would like to share them, feel free to do so by selecting one of the sharing options below. If you would like one of our blog posts to be on your website or blog (and for us to be guest bloggers) simply reach out to us via email.

Plagiarism is an extremely damaging and annoying thing – and by plagiarizing our work (or another’s) you are not just stealing – you are damaging your own name, as things like this always come to light. Don’t be a typical human.

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I have had an interest in Vodoun or however you prefer to name it for a while now, with numerous books

and/or grimoires covering it. Baron Kriminel being the "machete of justice and vengeance against criminals and those who have escaped justice" sounds just like what I need at this time in my life !

Me gusta
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