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Black Witchcraft, Spellwork and Pesta

Updated: Apr 26

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 09/26/2019 Black Witchcraft walks hand in hand with the currents of Necromancy and Infernal Magick - yet cannot be defined as either one of the aforementioned paths. From all the practices within the Occult this is by far the most “dark” and unforgiving system of Black Magick in existence. The African counterpart is very much similar yet lacks the refinement of its Western counterpart, thus Kindoki is indeed a system with much potential. In this post we will introduce some aspects, though briefly, of the system of the Western Tradition of Black Witchcraft i.e. European Black Witchcraft namely: Spellcraft. There are numerous ways to call upon an Evil Spirit in this system to fulfill one’s desires, however we shall briefly introduce one method: The Craft used to direct an insidious Spirit through the current of incantation and a sympathetic medium. To Kill By Means Of Plague: On the night of a new moon, Saturday, you will have the following items upon your working altar: - A broom made from a twig and dried grass, bound by red wool/twine - bristles to stem. No larger than your palm. - A glass jar containing putrid blood. - A straw poppet/crow-biddy. - The Seal of Pesta. (As above.) Empower the straw poppet with the words (grasping it in your left hand): “Et Nunc Respirare Viveret (name of victim) – Berald – Beroald – Balbin – Gab – Gabor - Agaba!” The words are spoken against the head of the poppet - your lips close to it, almost touching. Then place the Straw poppet upon Pesta’s Seal and state the following in a low and even toned voice: “Catoinvo – Rituspi – Nistio – Tri – Con – Libus – Nainfer – Pesta – Ereraph – Ratuna – Cedutur – Celeriter – Interficere.” Dip the broom within the rancid blood and paint the straw poppet with it until covered. As you do so, speak the following Enn thrice: “Teri – Relech – Cerefih – Nirteh - Pesta, Derecochi – Mutuh – Teseph - Quebiriphe!” Bury the poppet at the threshold of your victim’s door/gate/entrance way or bury the poppet in a dung pile pointed at the direction of your enemy. Notes: Make certain to bury the broom with that poppet, tied to the poppet with red string. Background: “Pesta” is a female demon which is the embodiment of the “Black Death” which devastated Scandinavia and Denmark (amongst others) during 1349 etc. “Pesta” appears as a ragged old woman, shrouded in shadows, which can be summoned and directed during the New Moon at Night only - preferably on a Saturday for best results. Thusly ends this vulgar example upon the subject of Black Witchcraft in the Western/European tradition. Kindly note that the aforementioned is a pseudo-necromantic spell in the said tradition, and should not be expanded upon, altered or changed. For best results, follow our instructions here to the last letter and employ this experiment upon your own free will and at your own risk. Final Note: All Spirits under the dominion of the Black/New Moon is under the charge of Hekate. May this Dark Rite serve its purpose. Thank you for reading, for any questions on the subject of becoming an Apprentice of Black Witchcraft, feel free to contact us or visit our Apprenticeship Course page for more details.


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