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Updated: Sep 20, 2023

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 07/14/2016

If you switch on the telly, or read a newspaper - you are almost assuredly going to come across something concerning discrimination. Be it against gender, race, age, name it and it happens. It is all around you. So, do you recognize this discrimination in another part of life? You probably do...the world of the Occult. People in general tend to look down upon others who doesn't look like them. It's a built-in primal aspect of mankind that assures that you will automatically be more helpful and understanding to those who are your same age, race or gender...and even belief. If someone shares a certain trait with you - you automatically give that person favor above another who you cannot associate with. As you can see - this is actually a very "animalistic" quality of humanity...and has no place in this day and age - let alone the world of the Occult. But why do people do this? The simple answer is fear. We'll let you think about this and come to your own conclusions... This is a post about discrimination in magick and the Occult. Ask yourself honestly - in your journey, did you ever come across people or even grimoires stating things like: "Diana is a Deity that can solely be worked with by females" ... "Male practitioners cannot be witches" ... "If you are not Asian, you cannot work with the Taoist Deities" ...and much more of these examples are floating around. Do you see the falseness in this?

Magick and the Occult is blind - blind to race, age, gender and everything else. The only thing that Beings and Spirits may look at is your level of spiritual power. This spiritual power has nothing to do with anything physical - it has to do solely with your spiritual development and ascension. This is food for thought - will you discriminate or be discriminated against due to ridiculous limits placed upon by the masses...or will you become the Divine Creature you are meant to be? Namaste!


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