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Book of Life

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 02/18/2017 When we think back on our book Liber Infernos Infernar, the writing thereof seems so long ago. We can remember the dark energies that called out to us, wanting to be a part of the pages, persistent in it's maddening whispers. We went days upon days without sleeping, driven like some kind of mechanized tools, without reason or self awareness. Pounding away at the computer keys like an infernal jackhammer. This book took a toll on us unlike any other. That joyous relief when it was completed! The absolution, the reprieve! The closest we can get to explain the writing of that book was like insanity descending into Hell. We where changed spiritually in such extent that it is hard to translate into mere words. The other day we discussed our written works and noted how it has changed since we published Liber Infernos Invernar. Well, this is simply a reflection of the authors, we suppose. Our books are simply a reflection of our spirituality, and small things are usually overlooked. We didn't even notice it... Then followed "The Stars are not Right and The Etheric Keys" and we personally feel that these two books are our most prolific and significant books to date. What many of you don't know, is that "The Etheric Keys" was written in a period of Ascension where we came to a bitter and terrible realization. Now this book was actually written a good couple of years back when the very foundation of our Occult/Spiritual beliefs came crumbling down around us. Yet again, it is hard to explain the exact mental and spiritual torment we endured at that very moment. It was simply terrible. Spiritual Ascension usually is. Then came "The Gospel of The Ghouls" and "The Book of Azarak", nothing really special to add concerning these two books, other that they both are leading up to something greater, perhaps our Magus Opus? Only time will tell, as we are uncertain as of yet. There are many good authors in the Occult, but very few Great ones. What we believe greatness is, is the ability to embrace the soul of an individual and confound the heart thereof with wisdom in truth and truth in wisdom. But then again - that's our perception on the matter of "greatness". We are certain there are others which is more meaningful. Life in general can be seen as a series of books, you being it's author. Some of your books will be comic, while others will be tragic. A lot of the books contains twists and turns, strange plots and interesting characters. But one thing you must realize is YOU are the author and control the outcome of your story, no matter what the title of the book is. Namaste.


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