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Ceremonies and God

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 07/07/2019 Ceremonies and tradition serves only that: Ceremony and Tradition. Just as the lid of the pot serves the pot, and the pot serves the lid, so does ceremony and tradition serve each other. There is no physical per-requisite to make manifest that which is unseen by manner of the physical. The physical cannot make the unseen manifest just as much as Darwin can present undeniable evidence of his popular theory. But what of perception? To perceive is to be, but to be is not to perceive. What grants the viewer perception, if not the I? The question thus should not be: “But what of perception”...instead it should be presented as: “When does human perception become flawed?” Unfortunately many seek answers to things which they note “dire” however, very few seek the truth in places where the house of that thing is not corrupted. In order to perceive and to understand the mysteries we need to remove that which ails the spirit so that the physical senses can be remedied…only then the truth will be perceived. There are those who claim that either this and that is truth, but we ask: “How can they know TRUTH if they are fallible?” The wise will present the truth, hidden in plain sight, so that the worthy may find it and the fool will be confounded by it - just as the light confounds the darkness. Unfortunately the ego serves only the ego while the soul starves. We say to you, if you eat from the fruit (vileness) of this world, it will sustain your flesh, but it will assuredly poison your soul. Very few people realize the actual threat of spiritual death…yet again those who suffer under this condition has no voice to testify this fact, as their bodies has long since died. Remember this well. You have been warned. It is so easy to become lost in this world, and not realize that (originally) since conception that you are not to be of this world. This world blinds and defiles that which is sacred (soul) and consumes all potential and divine reason - but those who are consumed, sinks within that digestive bowel ever so willingly, without a twitch or struggle. This is an abominable symbiosis. Once you take that step, igniting the divine spark within you, and sire enlightenment, you will never look back over your shoulder at what you left behind. Instead you will say to yourself; “let the dead bury the dead..” On the Nature of god (divine self) 1) The hand of god is balance and in its palm resides both Judgement and Mercy, for both is a sentence of severity. 2) God=male/female, fire/water, wet/dry, heaven/earth, within/without etc. In short, duality housed within one vessel. 3) The will of god manifests through word, for the will is shaped by the soul and expressed by the mind and directed by sound then manifests as action. 4) The I of god is not ego, but duality-Hexagram. *This is all we will write on this. In conclusion, you will never find the truth if you seek within this world making use of fallible senses, no tradition or ceremony will grant you what you seek as it is a corrupt invention of humanity. Remember: humanity is not divinity, and divinity is not humanity. You cannot have both humanity and divinity, for one is darkness and the other is light. P.s The second to last act of divinity in this world, must assuredly be music…ex nihilus…listen to Bach ( Air on the G-string) perhaps you will comprehend our meaning…


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