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Demon in the Flesh

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 09/24/2019 There exists a Realm which is parallel with ours in which spiritual intelligences roam. In ancient texts this realm was called “Wilderness”, The Outer Darkness and a few other interesting titles. We will simply call it the “Aether” (Ae) or the “Currents of Air”. Within this realm resides a variety of disembodied souls, but we will only concentrate on the Demons of the spirit world. If we wish to find reference to these Entities, we will have to revisit ancient historical texts on the subject - however we will only permit one brief example which will reveal the true nature of these intelligences. In ancient texts there is a clear distinction made between Demons/Unclean Spirits and "Fallen Angels". Demons are still demons and fallen Angels are still Angels. (Ref. The Tanakh, The Zohar). With this being said, it would be incorrect to name or associate demons with “Fallen Angels”- as they are two different species altogether. Back to Demons… In various Grimoires (Journals of Magi) we are introduced to a host of Demons, such as Vassago, Sitri, Purson, Surgat etc. The authors of these tomes introduced these Demons under the ranks of Fallen Angels, not due to deception but due to ignorance. You must understand that the men and women of Europe (at the time) was influenced by religious dogma - very much as they are today - thusly their understanding of such things will consequentially reflect in their written works. The Roman Catholic Church as well as the Orthodox and Lutheran divisions adhered to the strict teaching of (in short) Demons are fallen angels - however as mentioned, this dogma is not based upon Religious Texts but misconceptions. This brief clarification about Demons will grant you the knowledge required to work with these Spirits. Without knowledge, assuredly you will be powerless. Let’s continue… The Seals of the Demons are usually divided into two groups: The Individual Spirit The Generational Seal. The individual spirit is just that - a single spirit and not more than one. On the other hand, the Generational Seal is linked to a multitude of Demons…such as legions and myriads etc. It is very rare indeed that you will find a singular Demon seal of a lessor Demon, as these Seals are usually only found amongst the ranks of Kings and Emperors. Thusly if you attempt to Conjure a Demon such as Murmur, you will not be receiving a single demon, but a host of Demons. Usual one demon amongst the host will be the speaker - as seen with Legion….”I am Legion for we are many” When one Evokes the King on the other hand, you may or may not reach the King, instead you may converse with his “Stewart” or “Emissary” - indeed, this can be a bit tricky, especially if you have a pressing matter to resolve! However, do not be disheartened, “Words of Power” exist for a reason! What exactly is “Words of Power”? These Sacred Words can be explained in two ways: The vibration or sound of the word(s) creates change in the immediate area of the conjurer - which in turn makes the Ae more pleasant for the Evil Spirit. In short, the Spirit will want to listen to what you have to say and linger in the vicinity etc. The words may also draw the spirit from the Ae and make it manifest within our conscious realm - making the invisible, visible. The words may also compel that Demon to be obedient and compliant - as the words or vibration thereof is of a superior construct to that of the Spirit. In short, the words will ensnare the senses of the Spirit making it supplicant unto the conjurer. As mentioned in a previous post, Demons are indeed linked to Planets, however they are not subservient unto them. The radiation or the vibration of the Planets nature can do one of two things for Evil Spirits: Strengthen them. Weaken them. Have you ever wondered why sometimes you can easily call forth a Demon and it is very interactive and compliant, while at other times it seems that you have failed in conjuring it forth? Well, now you know why Ancient Grimoires presented the day and night hours regarding Evocation! (ref. The Greater Key of Solomon, Picatrix). These day and night hours directly relates to the 7 classical Planets, and is imperative for you to make use of, until you have strengthened your spiritual faculties enough as well as your knowledge to make do without. Don’t fool yourself, this takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Let’s move on to the Infernal Initiation…. The individual needs to align him/herself with the forces he/she wishes to work with. As an example: If you wish to conjure and work with Demons, you will need to imbue your soul and mind with their nature and character or you won’t attract Evil Spirits to your Altar - but only attract the contrary such as Elemental Spirits etc. Why? Because you are a creature of Earth and thus a dwelling place for the currents of Earth. You will need to realign your being to channel the currents of Babylon - the dwelling place of Demons, and only then will you attract those who are kindred unto you. This is where the initiation comes into play. The practitioner will choose (or be chosen) by an Infernal (demonic) Ruler and then formulate a ritual of initiation via Infernal inspiration. The individual will then be invested upon that path as the initiation serves as a Spiritual pact between Earth (you) and Babylon (Realm of Demons). In turn spiritual transmutation (change via means of spiritual currents) will transpire not only in the mind, but also within all senses of the individual. The individual will thusly be baptized with the currents of Tartarus and in all eventuality climb the ladder of infernal ascension and be crowned as or Potentate of Babylon/Imperatoris Babylonem - if you are thusly inclined... In short: “Like seeks like - Like attracts like” (Ref. 7 Hermetic Laws) We do hope this post has been enlightening upon the subject of the Infernal currents for the Initiate. And remember you are but a step away from becoming a Demon in the flesh, if you are determined and dedicated…you will not fail. Ignorantiae Tenebrae splendorem et tollere venisti Belial toto!


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