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Energy Healing and Reiki

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

We suppose that many people are likely aware of the practice of Reiki, whether you are interested in learning it, whether you are curious about receiving Reiki, or even if you have received Reiki healing at some point in time. Reiki is a form of healing by using energy – and unlike other forms of healing where you use your own energy to perform the healing, when practicing Reiki, you are simply channeling the energy as a conduit.

A while ago, in our personal practices, we started anew with our pursuits into energy – devoting ourselves to better understand it so that we may better apply it. First and foremost, we can say this: although we were already “well versed” in energy, it’s manipulation, direction etc etc etc…ever since we fully and completely delved into the subject, we can say without a doubt that the topic of energy is far vaster than we initially suspected. One the one hand, this makes us groan a little bit, as after all – we completely overlooked this subject and only thought it to be simple. Yet, on the other hand, we are actually rather happy about it, as this gives us yet another topic to sink our teeth into…and we are insatiable when it comes to any aspect of spiritual empowerment and the Occult Arts.

In our own defense (if we can even call it that) – before we stepped onto the path which we have been treading for a number of years now – that of spiritual ascension – we were distracted by the typical things that novices and adepts alike are distracted by…Entities, Spirits, various sub-practices and so on. It’s hard for us to think that we were not always consciously on the path of spiritual ascension, yet we will not be pretentious and claim that we were always pursuing this path. That being said, many practices which we should have paid more attention to in our novice-states, we completely glossed over as it did not interest us at that time.

During this new facet of our personal practices, we encountered a few clients asking us about Reiki...if it is effective, how does it work etc. Now, the concept of Reiki was not new to us – however, we were skeptical to say the least. Not because of any other reasons but (1) we thought that it was a placebo effect and (2) although energy may be used, the efficacy of the treatments was solely based upon the recipient’s expectation of what it will do. We didn’t single out Reiki with our skepticism…as, after sifting through so much bullshit and placebos over the years, one tends to become a bit jaded.

Nonetheless, since Reiki directly involves energy, we decided that we will put our cynicism aside and actually look into the practice in its entirety before we bump our heads (once again) by thinking that there is nothing significant about the practice. If we do something, we do it completely and properly or not at all, so we enrolled under a Reiki Master/Teacher (Shinpiden) with a long lineage and learned Reiki…properly and officially.

We received all of our attunements and proceeded through everything – from Reiki Level One (Shoden), Advanced Reiki (Okuden) absorbing all information we possibly could, until we ourselves received our Master attunements and now we are also Reiki Masters (Shinpiden) under the Usui Ryoho school of Reiki. We may even join an international Reiki association. We started practicing Reiki on ourselves first – remaining completely neutral, without any expectations whatsoever – and lo and behold, it turned out to be valid. Completely valid. Some of our cats were having some persistent health issues, so we practiced Reiki upon them as well – and the results were phenomenal. Cured. Completely cured in a matter of hours.

As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding – and we will give credit where credit is due. Reiki is an excellent practice of healing via energy – although, unfortunately (as so many practices of healing go) it has become beset by New Age connotations…which it does not deserve. Come on, you know us, you know our practices, you know our writings. We do not come from a background of self-help, philosophy or anything like that – we come from a background of the Occult. We are not RHP oriented, nor LHP oriented. We follow our path, Hexagrammaton, that of spiritual ascension – in other words, we do not proclaim “light and life” alone, we also proclaim “darkness and destruction” with the same breath. So, if we say that Reiki is a valid practice of healing that deserves to be experienced, we mean it.

This being said, this post is a bit of an announcement of sorts that within the next few days, we will start to offer Reiki as a service – distance Reiki of course – to assist with healing on all levels (physical, spiritual, emotional, mental). We will make more details available when we do so.

We suppose that there is a lesson in this, if you care to learn from our mistakes – do not overlook something even though it may seem insignificant or hyped up. It is good to question everything – however, it is even better to practically test that which you question – to learn all you can about it, apply it and then to deliver your opinion.

UPDATE: We are now offering Reiki sessions as well as Energetic Cleansing/Healing services!


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