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Grovelling is for the Weak

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

There are some things that needs to be said. They may not be very welcome statements, but they are very needed ones…especially for beginners stepping into the world of the Occult Arts, and even for those more advanced in their practices that may have forgotten this and need to remember this little yet glaring set of facts.

The world of the spiritual is vast – vast beyond comprehension. You can spend your entire lifetime trying to document every single Spirit, Entity, Intelligence and so on and you will still not even skim the surface. Even if all of the people in the world had to try to document them all, this would still be an immense failure. Yet, modern-day practitioners are so utterly fixated upon the more “popular” or well-known Entities that has been written about in grimoires and so on. These Entities do not even comprise all of the Entities that have been documented throughout the ages and only signify a mere drop in the abysmal ocean of all that is…not even to mention those who are not documented.

Our point is, although many of the Spirits and Entities who have been written about and documented in grimoires are useful to work with…they are most definitely not all that there is, and as a matter of fact, some of the most interesting and powerful Entities fall among the ranks of the “undocumented” and are not found in any grimoire.

How do you find them? Well, you seek them out. You see, many Entities choose to remain “unknown” by people simply because they don’t care whether you know about them or not – they are not beholden unto you nor anyone else for that matter – however, this does not mean that some of the unknown ones will not take an interest in you if you present yourself to them. We discussed this in some of our grimoires, and will discuss this in grimoires to come as well, so we will not go deeper into this here.

Now, moving on – some people find an Entity that they work well with and they build a strong relationship with that Entity. All of a sudden, that Entity becomes “all” – the practitioner now firmly believes that that Entity can somehow do all, see all, hear all, know all – that it is far greater than any Cosmic Force even. We will tell you this, not as our “opinion”, but rather as a cold, bitter fact: there is no such Entity. There is no Entity that can know all, see all, hear all, teach all, command all, assist with everything etc. Yet, why is it so easy to fall under this impression?

Devotion. Plain and simple devotion. And let’s not forget devotion’s sister: spiritual obsession. You see, the most popular Entities that people work with are not from the “lighter” currents (which we won’t even mention here), but from the “darker” currents – and those from the “darker” currents have a bit of a side effect (whether they do this purposefully, which they do at times, or whether it is not done purposefully) – they will make you see them as they WANT you to see them. Unfortunately, this means that many, many of them will inflate their image far greater than what it truly is. To what purpose? Oh, dear reader, that is for you to find out.

Yes, be devoted to those that DESERVE it, by all means – but always remember: the purpose of all the “darker” paths is not to become enslaved or supplicant unto something else (Entities included) – it is to bow before no man, god or spirit and to rise to the heights of power…YOUR power. This ties into spiritual obsession – if you are weak, an easy target, then any Entity of the darker currents WILL bend you to their whim, regardless of how you prostrate yourself at their feet like a wanting virgin. That is simply their natures.

Likewise, the key is in the term: “having/building a relationship with an Entity”, which we coined all those years ago in our forum days. The word in question is “relationship” – which means that it must run both ways. If you crawl upon the ground, throwing offerings, sacrifices and your devotion around like a pitiful orphan yet receive nothing in return – you are being used. Relationships work BOTH ways. If they cannot help you grow yourself and become great, then you are just a groupie to a has-been band. Are we poking and prodding at those of the “darker” currents? No, not at all…in fact, some of their ranks have been the inspiration for this very blog post.

Those of the darker currents RESPECT POWER ABOVE ALL ELSE. Now, keeping this in mind, place yourself in the position of one of these Entities – does grovelling and supplication look like power to you? Fuck no…yet it does look like lovely prey to toy with. This doesn’t mean you must be disrespectful in a feeble attempt to seem “powerful”, barking orders and stomping your feet like a child. All this means is that you must know your own worth, know yourself, know what you want, know what you are willing to do and what you are unwilling to do. Be dedicated to yourself FIRST AND FOREMOST in any path or after all, these Entities are not living your life for you, this is your life and your path.

Just to hammer this point in, in a way which will especially annoy practitioners of the “darker” currents in hopes to finally reach you all, we will reference something from the Judeo-Christian belief system. Whenever an “angel” would appear to whoever, they dropped down as if they were dead at the mere sight of the “angel”, paralyzed in awe and fear. So then, how are these grovelling Left-Hand Path adherents any different? We are practitioners of the LHP – the very foundation of our practices is built on the darker currents – and we did not get this far by scraping around on our knees like a Christian whore sucking the cock of a priest. If you want to get anywhere of worth in the LHP, get up off the fucking ground and look your Demons in the eye…or are you a slave even to those who are meant to set you free?


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