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I Put A Spell on You 1

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 07/02/2016 When we first eyed the Occult market on a International level-it looked a bit bleak. Then we came across names such as "E.A Koetting" and then it seemed hopeless. Was this the Creme De la Creme of the modern day Occultist? Thankfully not! Just another quick money maker like the scammers from old. Remember the age when every Tom, Dick and Sally claimed to be Mediums? The exact same scenario. We discovered very few fellow Master Occultists along the way - and some simply disappeared from the "radar". Perhaps we too will disappear into obscurity. Not yet though, not yet! We scoped the market and joined some Neophyte Forums in order to determine what these individuals were being taught. Except for arrogance (LOL) not much. Circulated, mainstream material that we have long since stored into the vaults of yesterday. Most of these Neophytes where in fact arm-chair practitioners, adept only in the art of bookworming. All talk and no action as the saying goes. However a select few have A LOT of potential, however there are not a lot of dedicated Adept teachers out there. It's a terrible shame really... While we did our market research, we came across a lot of pestering individuals. Some begging spells from you like broke dick dogs taring at garbage bags for scraps. These very individuals might turn out to be our world's next politicians. Then you encounter others that will attempt to befriend you with ulterior motives, like wolves in sheep's clothing, not knowing that they have entered the lair of the two man-eating Tsavo lions. We usually tag them along on a poisoned leash, like a hangman waiting for the grand finale! The time will come when you discover your path, then be merciless in your pursuit. Do not give way to man or god. Stand your ground and fight with Hell's fury to achieve your result. If you lose family and friends because of this, SO BE IT! If your family and friends cannot support your ambition and passion, let them go, you're truly better off without them. And if they do support you, listen to lucid reasoning, consider their council and keep them close to you. We have very few people we consider "friends", however those individuals we confide in from time to time are those we will always support and consider. In all our years practicing our Craft, we have learned many lessons of life, however we became wise. Now, other things seems trivial to us and even insignificant because of our spiritual growth. As time progress you too that pursues Spiritual Ascension, will find it so and this in turn can become a great sorrow. The truth can be a very bitter pill to swallow for some. The moral of this story, dear reader, is that you should be very vigil and not believe everything at face value. In order for you to know your path is to properly dissect it, until you discover all it's hidden shadows and bring it to light of your own reasoning. We wish you the best of grace on your journey! Namaste.


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