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“If You Are So Powerful…”

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Of all the questions that are asked regarding Practitioners and Occultists, there is one which is very pertinent and considered by some to be a valid question as to the “capability” of Practitioners and Occultists:

“If you are so powerful, then why don’t you make yourself wealthy?”

Or variants of this question such as: “If Magick is real, then why are so many Practitioners not rich?”

Although a few Practitioners and Occultists alike have weighed in on this subject with their answers, we will also present our opinion on the matter, based on our personal experience as well as simple observation. We suppose answering these questions do not truly matter really, as if someone wants to doubt the efficacy of Magick then regardless of what you may say, or even prove to them directly, they will not see reason – much like religious fanatics, come to think about it.

Now, we cannot speak for all Occultist-Practitioners out there, obviously not, however we are more than qualified to speak for ourselves.

In our experience, regardless of practice, paradigm or any other possible Magick-based variant that you can think of (such as what Entities are worked with, if any…what rituals or spells are used…when it is performed etc ad infinitum) Magick is not a bringer of excess. You can manifest whatever you desire (provided that you have the skill, know-how and spiritual power to back it up) however you will not (in this current topic of money) become a billionaire overnight – you will receive that which you require. Allow us to elaborate…

When people think about having wealth or such earthly comforts, people tend to use the word “prosperous” or “prosperity”. Do you know what the word “prosperity” truly means? It means having enough to live comfortably without worry and does not just apply to money, but other qualities as well such as happiness, health and so on. Magick manifests prosperity easily – to be more specific – Magick easily manifests that which you need to live comfortably. Take note of the wording: THAT WHICH YOU NEED TO LIVE COMFORTABLY – not in excess, not in a way that will give you more than what you would need…but enough.

That’s actually another word that people must get to terms with…”enough”. As an example, if you have enough money to pay your rent or mortgage, your bills and utilities, your groceries, fuel and other such expenses and you still have some left over to save up or do with whatever you please – then you are not truly in need of money at all…you have enough, you do not have worries concerning having too little, you are prosperous. The thing about people is that they perpetually want more – more of everything. In this case, people always want more money – here are the keywords: WANT and MORE. Even if you are prosperous and even if you can afford unforeseen expenses with ease and even if you truly do not NEED any more money…you will still WANT more, even if you will not actually use that money for anything but simply for the sake of having it. Do you know what that is? That, dear reader, is the human condition.

We personally never strove to be wealthy or even rich (define wealthy and rich) as to us, we already are as we have everything that we need, and even have some of what we want but do not necessarily need. We have enough. So then, why would we want obscene material wealth? We don’t. We also know of a few other Practitioners who feel the same way. You see, when you practice the Occult Arts – TRULY practice it, live it and breathe it – everything which has value to mundane society becomes worthless to you (even if, originally, you wanted the same as they). Your perspective and perception become altered; you start to view things differently…including money. And, ironically, you will always have prosperity…enough to live comfortably.

Others over the years such as Aleister Crowley, Anton LaVey and even John Dee who were famous and wealthy did not owe their monetary wealth to the Occult – no! They owe it to society…Crowley and LaVey both made purposeful moves to integrate themselves with the rich and famous, with the social elite, and catered to these jaded noblemen with the Occult, something secret and “forbidden”…and in so doing, they became famous and wealthy. They didn’t manifest their notoriety through Magick, but through plain old cunning. Likewise with Dee – the only reason that he was so notorious was due to the fact that he wangled his way into the royal court and thus reaped the benefits of being the Queen’s favorite (at least, for a time…the royalty throughout the ages and throughout the world were notoriously fickle).

Another thing which we would like to mention about money is this: if you want it too much and desire it too desperately, you will drive it away instead of drawing it to you. If you have money but you cling on to it too tightly, it will become stagnant and you will receive no more. The nature of money is Mercurial – Air…thus movement is key (as per Air) and never too serious by its base nature (Mercury) – (mentioning only a few qualities in this regard). The way you look at things also plays a large role - as an example, say you want a certain amount of money because you want to buy a new car – in actuality, you want the new car and the money is just the middleman…cut to the chase and say that you want a new car and make no mention of the money…and voila. This is just one example of this…there are many. Let us not even mention the Law of Magnetism – do not live as if you do not have it, but live as if you have it already…then you will have it after all.

In conclusion – if someone is so fixated upon manifesting monetary wealth, they will never be able to draw money unto themselves, let alone become prosperous. And, if someone is so fixated as to why Pracitioners are not wealthy, they are not being snide – in truth, they are simply looking for a short-cut to realize their own desires…and are, most probably, simply jealous, and empty within…perpetually falling into the pitfalls of wanting something so much, that you actually drive it away instead.

In closing, and to prove a point – since AI (artificial intelligence) can create art based on an input you give it – we made all of the images on this post in this way…with the prompt of “a painting of a prosperous household”. Do you see any obscene wealth? If a damn program can grasp what prosperity is, then what is your excuse as a sentient thing? Makes you wonder…


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