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Necromancy And You

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 06/12/2017 Some believe that the cornerstone of Necromancy is an elaborate altar set-up or even the clothing they wear for the ceremony. This is far from the truth. Consider this, most Magickal paradigms insist on Ritual specifics and strict M.O - however most, if not all of these strict operations are based upon the original method and this in turn is based on something else. What this simply shows is that Magickal paradigms have been conforming and evolving according to the human evolution. Necromancy is THE ONLY Magickal path which is undoubtedly and undeniably linked to humanity and the progressive history of the human specie since the beginning of humanity. From dust you come and to dust you shall return...more true words never spoken! We all have to die at some point, children, infants, babies, men and women-this is just the facts of life, it's nothing personal, it's Death's industry! All of us living have one thing in common: We all have ancestors that is Dead! Yes, and sooner or later so will you be as they are now! In retrospect we find this absolutely humorous when humanity view the death of a child "tragic". Why? Do they think a child is exempt from death? Do they think they can stay death's hand? Pure lunacy. No dear reader, we do not scoff at the process of death, not even the death of a child, for we have experienced this and know it well. We simply do not live in denial or with delusions, this is simply facts of life. What can we as individuals learn from these facts and how do we practically apply it to Necromancy? This is what you'll need to perform a successful Rite of Grand Necromancy: Yourself. You as a person are already in the process of dying. Your body degrading, cells dying etc and so on. You at this very moment are directly linked to Death and the Dead without you even being aware of it. You do not have to be some fruitcake T.V Psychic in order to communicate with the Dead or be part of some wannabe Necromantic Guild to be taught the secrets of the Underworld, just your lucid mind and healthy reasoning. Unfortunately, there are MANY so called "experts" of the Occult and Magick that will feed you a lot of bullshit to make money from you. Magick has NOTHING to do with depraved Rites and ridiculous clothing and so on. God, and not to mention those fools that uses mind altering drugs to communicate with their spirit animals and guides and what not! This is pure mental masturbation. If you want actual results you will need your Healthy Reasoning and above all, do NOT move out of your comfort zone! Remember, any Magickal Rite is build around the individual, using tools and items the person can associate with. Here is some advice from a couple that actually knows what they are talking about: When conducting a Necromantic Ceremony, use raw items. By this we mean you must rather make use of items that has not been cleaned or cleansed. Such as the shroud of the Deceased, the skull of the Deceased and so forth. Keep your Rite base and primal. Perform your Rite in the nude if you wish, cover the floor in grave sand, pile heaps of bones on the altar, cover your body in human ash etc. Do not hold back, not even in the least (obviously we cannot instruct you to do this lawfully or not, this is up to you as an individual) but do so according to your own desire - keep it simply or make it elaborate. Well, this concludes our tip of the month, we hope you will find this useful. For any questions contact us via email or Facebook and we will be happy to discuss this content with you. Namaste!


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