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New Magick Without Tears Series

Some of you may remember the "Magick Without Tears" series of videos we started some time ago. It has now evolved into not just videos, but also manuals - instructional booklets on various Rituals and Spellwork, simple, effective and to the point.

We have just launched this series of manuals with the first two, rooted in Japanese tradition...

Obtaining a Zashiki-Warashi and Obtaining a Hinnagami.

The Zashiki-Warashi can be regarded as a Spirit of Good Fortune and commonly resides within homes, granting the inhabitants great fortune, prosperity, success and more - in exchange for offerings and the Hinnagami is a particular Spirit linked to an effigy or doll that is a granter of wishes, and can manifest whatever you wish for. Yet, the Hinnagami, once linked to a person, remains with that person even after death, ever seeking to grant the wishes of the person. Because of this, it is regarded as being a "curse" or "cursed item", however, within this booklet, we also discuss why it is not a curse at all and we also shed some light on this greatly misunderstood Spirit-class.

In all of these little booklets, we will discuss the subject that it pertains to and provide you with instructions on Rituals or Spellwork regarding the subject itself. In the case of these first two, we instruct you on how to obtain a Zashiki-Warashi (a House Spirit of Good Fortune) and a Hinnagami (a Wish-Granting Spirit).

These are only the first two in a long series - so feel free to visit our Occult Book Store page and add these two to your collection!

Nonetheless, we have also created a little Whatsapp group where you can be kept updated on our latest developments, offers, new releases, new blog posts and more. All updates shared on this Whatsapp group will also be published via various social media channels, however, we added this as another channel for the sake of convenience. Join the group by clicking here or click this link:

In the following days, we are planning on adding a few more offerings to our Store as well.


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