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Oh my god! A Living God?

Updated: Apr 26

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 06/30/2017 In ancient cultures Priests and Emperors were depicted as gods. We understand that they had to assume these roles, however can a modern human become a god? This subject is a bit tricky and received both praise and criticism across the Religious, Scientific and Occult beliefs. What is a god? A god is a self aware, all powerful being that was once human or never human and has ascended to the heights of heaven or hell in some myths and legends. But surely this is purely a thing of myth or individual belief and cannot possibly transmute in this world where Physics govern "all" things! Or is this the exact thing that society wants you to believe? There are many Occultists who claimed to have achieved this divine state, but clearly they are charlatans. Remember, in order for you as an individual to learn and gain wisdom, you need to study history, by examining the failure and successes of others. And people like Crowley, Koetting, Blavatsky, Kelly etc were great showman, very much akin to stage magicians and illusionists, however as with all things the hands of time wears down their talent and sweep their novice glamor right out the door. Are we saying that it is impossible to become a "GOD"? Not at all, however there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The Character of a god: The true character of a god is that of contentment. You won't announce that you are a god, as this is the ego and a characteristic of man. A god is in complete balance within and without exactly like the Hexagram. The Laws of Natural - Physics: Let's not be deluded, you will not physically be transformed into a Deity! You will grow old, weak and eventually, your body will die! Why? Because your body is governed by the laws of nature and Physics! Mental Health and I.Q: We are just going to say it. An idiot cannot practice the Occult successfully. Neither can a person with poor mental health. This is simply the facts. Why? Simply because you work within the abode of the Deep - a.k.a your subconscious and soul. Dedication: It takes a hell of a lot of dedication, will and perseverance to see it through. You WILL NEVER EVER achieve this state of divinity if you cater to your negative ego, and reader, this is why The Become A Living God Franchise will fail over and over again. And for the same reason why so many others has failed in the past. So, this is the basic rundown of this seeming "taboo". Unfortunately not many people understand that you do not have to have any religious views to tread this path, as they are far too busy casting stones and glorifying within their own ignorant shadow. You know, we wrote so many pieces on spiritual ascension and self empowerment..sigh. It's like casting a bag of flour to the hungry masses only to be immolated by ignorance. Yet we are still carrying on not dissuaded by trials. We praise those individuals that tread this path, and each of these people are worth a million suns. Keep it up, and know that you are the true Elite! Thank you for reading and subscribe if you want to be kept updated! Remember! The countdown has begun! Namaste.


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