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Updated: Apr 26

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 01/24/2017 Modern concepts on Magick/Occult are nothing but pre-existing ideas that has already been circulated for hundreds if not thousands of years. Unfortunately, these ideas and beliefs are fallible as it relies on half-truths, religion and superstition. There is too little evidence and actual truth to sustain some of these charismatic claims and "beliefs". Our (Araignee) very nature is to question and dissect the so-called "paradigms" of Magick/Occult and to discover the untainted truth in the heart of the obscure subject, in order to gain understanding and knowledge of the aforementioned mechanics. There are so many Practitioners of Magick/Occult that present the Metaphysical according to their individual understanding (sometimes based on another's perception) and claim some "divine" inspiration as the instigator of this Prometheus (forethought). This fashion of thought is then in return adopted by the ignorant masses and so on and so forth. It is very easy to adopt or to craft a hypothesis and then through external or internal perception being labeled as a Philosopher or a Saint (religion has been guilty of this trend a thousand score over!) however, the dire task would be to present the truth - not as versions thereof - but the whole thing. "With great power comes even greater responsibility". We do not see this venture as a burden as it is the path we have chosen. The sad truth of the matter is that all Beings with forethought and self awareness is capable of following suit...however, few do. We will take a brief look at historic figures in Occult, such as F. Barrett, C.G Jung, A. Crowley and A. LaVey. What do these individuals have in common? Is it that they studied the Occult? Or their formal education? In truth, it's all yet none of the above. Most of us know a bit about the aforementioned persona's, correct? However what some of us might not know is that none of these individuals where respected in their field of expertise. They were considered the Avant Garde or outcasts of their professions. Only later, after their death, did they grow respected and noted by their peers and followers. From their writings and teachings, the modern day Occult/Magickal paradigms grew strength and structure. Each individual has greatness in them and can achieve far greater than F. Barrett, C.G Jung, A. Crowley and A. LaVey and many others. We might not agree with some of these men and women, however we respect them for their contribution to the Occult. However we cannot and WILL not respect those so-called experts and masters that is simply sitting on their hands and selling tired concepts which is based on the works of others and siphoning awe and admiration of the ignorant. This is fraudulent and pathetic. Our (Araignee) work in the Occult/Magick is not due to any philosopher, scholar or Mage - we have obtained our knowledge from practical experience and dedication, throughout many years of hard work and a addiction for the truth in all facets of life and death. The difference between us and most "Master" practitioners is, we are not ruled by our negative ego, we do not tell the masses what they want to hear and above all, we do not siphon bullshit. There are many other differences however we will not rant. We have done many Occult workings for self-proclaimed "Adept" Mages, the wealthy, celebrities, and other - unfortunately we cannot divulge their identities, however we believe that the public should be kept well informed on these matters. If you read the background story on most "Adept" mages that offers their services to the public, you will note a soppy story of woe, suffering and misfortune, however few and far will give factual evidence of success and prosperity on behalf of their clients. This simply reminds us of the contestants in "America's Got Talent" tv show. A vulgar comparison but still true none the less. These so called "Adept" mages are nothing more than stage magicians offering their followers delusion at a cost. If you enjoy this showmanship, convert to any world religion and we can assure you satisfaction! Now, to get back to the point. We will be offering Pay-Per-View courses in the very near future for the simple reason of self empowerment for the individual. The subjects and courses will range from all those Paradigms we have Mastered throughout the years as well as some Great Revelations and Occult secrets. We take a no-nonsense approach to all things worth our time and present the material lucid and the content infallible and as close to the truth you can possibly get! Guaranteed. As with all our work, written or otherwise, we will continue to astound and surprise those who are interested and smash the dull masses with a sledgehammer of awesome grandeur that has never been seen before in any world! Here is a freebie for you from our book Liber Infernos Invernar (see seal). "The person who desires to invoke the perverse Spirits of Darkness must observe a three-day's fast; he must also confess and approach the holy altar..." - Grimoire of Honorius Thank you for reading this blog, we will keep you updated on all our future projects! Namaste!


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