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On Curses and Destruction

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 07/05/2017 From the ancient Knotted Cord curse to the Nidstang, the curse has gained infamy through the media, cinema and Occult movements. There have been many claims by popular Practitioners of Occult and Esoterica that they have mastered this craft and have all the answers in casting a devastating curse, via numerous channels such as the use of demons, gods, Cthonic forces and other arcane systems and tools. The sparkly eyed practitioner will then take these claims to heart and attempt to recreate the said results without any success. Unfortunately you will never be able to cast a curse successfully by reciting arcane words and formula or by simply commanding an external Intelligent Force without having mastered yourself. You will need a massive amount of willpower, focus and directed intent in order to influence your target in any way, and this excludes the factor of Physics,Ether and timing. Does this mean that it is next to impossible to achieve a successful Destruction of an enemy? Not impossible, simply challenging if you are not equipped to do so. If we take a closer look at the infamous Satanic Destruction Ritual, the Satanic Mage at some point in time will have to Invoke the Archetype of destruction to align him/herself with the essence of death or oblivion. This destruction Ritual is usually performed in a group, as to gather and direct the covens energy, and intent towards the target. To give this Rite a psychic "boost", a blood sacrifice is made, not for the purpose of a demon or "Satan" but for the release of the energy that transpires through the death of the sacrificial animal. The primal subconscious recognition of the act will also amplify the individuals will and intent during the Rite. The individual or solitary practitioner may also cast a devastating curse equal to the Destruction Ritual. As mentioned earlier, the person will need to master him/herself, mentally and spiritually in order to succeed. You will need the will of a god, through spoken word or gesture as to obtain the desired result. When you speak it must be as if you have stated: "Let there be light..." and it will be so. There must not be an instant of doubt in your being that the event will transpire, and by mastering the self through will and intent, the event shall transpire. The directed energy should be that of a nature that will negatively influence the target. Not all destructive energy will be of a malicious nature...WHAT?! Let's take the following scenario: Jake is having the time of his life! Everything is simply fantastic in his life! He has the perfect job, a beautiful wife and loving children, a mistress on the side etc etc. Jake is experiencing massive amounts of positive energy in his life, while the negative energy is simply waiting about teetering on the edge. Every individual in this world has to experience the good and bad in life, if you only experience good, you are living in imbalance and vice versa. Have you ever heard the expression: " Things gets worse before it gets better"? That's exactly how life works. Its simply balancing the scales to rectify the wrong. Once you have divined on the target and discovered that you can attack them using this method, you simply direct through will and intent a massive amount of positive energy and assuredly this will quickly ruin their life- as the scales are being balanced. Remember, the more success and positivity they experience, "the Harder they will fall". Remember, Magick conducts itself on the basis of cause and effect, it is simply a tool that can be altered as the mage sees fit. If you as an individual limit yourself through belief and conduct, your life will reflect it. There are no short cuts to magick as it takes allot of dedication and will to make a success of it, as with anything in this world. Thank you for reading, we hope that you have gained some insight on the subject of Destruction. Namaste.


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