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On Necromancy…Again

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 04/29/2018 Upon initiation into this paradigm, the initiate is taught (amongst other things), the influence of the planets - especially Saturn. This is actually popular knowledge in the Necromantic movement, however there is another planet - obscure in the Occult Arts - which plays a greater role in Necromancy: Pluto. We will not say much more on the subject of planets - except that Mercury binds the two, thus forming a triad or trinity. Within the Great Art of Necromancy you will find numerous methods of conjuring the human dead, however what some might not know is that the traditional triangle of Evocation was borrowed from Necromancy itself. Interesting, wouldn't you agree? With the conjuration of the human dead, you will come across numerous potions, roots and animal products; such as hair, skulls, bones and so on. Did you know that these animal remains ("rivets") etc simply serves to agitate or compliment the nature of the spirit you will conjure? Now the question arises: "Does one need to be initiated into any House, Lodge, Guild or Order of Necromancy in order to work with the Spirits of the Dead?" The answer is simple: No. What you need to work with the Dead is as follows: Intelligence. Practical Know-how. Patience. Yourself. Remember: the Order does not initiate you - but the Cthonic/Liminal Spirits do! The Order simply serve as a political ladder in which the initiate gains recognition from their peers. It's simply a droll formality! Cast it aside, you simply do not need it! The "Overseer" spirits or as we call them "Agents of Death" are divided under two groupings: Cthonic and Liminal. Contrary to popular beliefs, these Beings were all once human, and through spiritual ascension while living, gained their office when they died. Oh yes, these Agents do not oversee every spirit of the dead....not at all....they only direct those spirits who is under their charge! As a fact, there is no formal ranking system within the dead realms! A bit tricky wouldn't you agree? This will explain how some malicious spirits of the dead can torment the living without seeming repercussions. Popular Spirits such as Carrefour, Samedi, Brigette, Centella Ndoki, Babalu Aye and many others, are classed under the "Agents of Death". Amazing how simple life can be if you remove the nonsense! In this small piece we wrote, we cleared up vast amounts of misconceptions and false information on the subject of Necromancy. But what else can you expect from us? "As Above, So Below - As Within, So Without"


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