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Updated: Sep 20, 2023

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 06/29/2016 In the world of the Occult, you will come across many different paradigms. The other night we watched an episode of "American Horror Story - Coven" Here we see two different paradigms, such as Traditional Witchcraft and American Folk Magick traditions. This reminded us of the attitude and claims certain individuals will make in this Obscure world: "No! Voodoo is better than Witchcraft! " or " Satanism is better than Luciferianism" and blah-blah-blah. Reminds you of kids arguing over which game is better than the other. When it comes down to that old Devil, known as truth, ALL the various Paradigms in the Occult is worth as much as a pile of warm fecal matter, IF the individual practicing it has no spiritual development. So NO, yours is not better than mine and his is not better than hers. There is this specific misconception floating around out in the world and it needs to be remedied with common sense. Reader, in all of these paradigms, there is A LOT of superstition and rubbish embedded. So Yea, they are equally crappy. What makes you as an individual not crappy, is if you decide not to practice these silly ideals and beliefs which is hovering about and question why something is presented as it is. If something looks none-sense, and sounds nonsense-then most assuredly it is non-sense, and no amount of nonsense explanations will make it turn out sound and lucid. We can give numerous examples of idiocy but it's simply pointless. In the past, all sorts of diseases was attributed only to Devils and so on - these idiots believed it with their whole hearts and beings, so that it became part of their daily lives! Obviously today we know that the vast majority of these people where common, poor and uneducated. However, the ordinary people of the time shared this beliefs with Occultist. These same Occultists wrote literature concerning these disease inflicting Demons, and to this very day there are idiots believing this same primitive ideology! This is clearly flawed reasoning! Can Beings inflict disease upon the living? Assuredly they can! However these Beings are not the origin of disease and plagues! The Virus and Bacteria which causes disease, has been inhabiting this planet long before the Ape-Man invented scapegoats. The only thing to be blamed here is man-kind's flawed reasoning. Let's take a closer look at some of the worlds most reputed "Magical" countries. Africa, Haiti, Europe and India. Africa has had its share of famine, war and unrest for as long as can be remembered. However it is claimed that some of the most powerful beings and spirits resides here. Bullshit! If these so called powerful Beings resides here, then why the hell is Africa a third world country, and it's people starving? Haiti, the land of Diaspora Voodoo! Where are these powerful Lwa protecting its people from suffering? Haiti is in so much economical shit that its akin to Zimbabwe. Europe. This is possibly the most war-torn continent in History! Where are these Divine Pagan gods to help its people? And finally, India...we are not even going to comment. You see dear reader, it's not the traditional paradigm of a nation that makes it better than the other, but the practitioner of the Art. The other day we noticed a post on a "Occult Forum" where a ignorant individual stated that "Demons have a antagonistic nature...." this is a clear indicator for us that this guy NEVER worked with a so called "Demon" or has the spiritual capacity of an extreme novice. ANY spirit will will take full advantage of an individual who has not developed him or herself spiritually enough! Hell, that’s akin to giving a kid free roam in a candy store! Don't play with fire boys and girls then you won't get BURNED! Namaste!


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