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Poll: New Products

We have started to think about expanding on what we offer via our store, however, we have reached a bit of an impasse. Apart from our books, the majority of that which we offer in our store is either service-based (such as Spellwork, Evocations, Divinations, Courses etc) or digital (such as digital books, printable Talismans etc).

We have thought about offering more physical-based products - the majority of them self-created by us and subsequently empowered/charged as called for such as Talismans, Amulets, Spirit Houses/Effigies, candles, incenses, Seals, censers and more - and we believe that this will be a great idea, lies the conundrum...

As you know, our books are printed-on-demand, and are thus shipped directly from our printers (usually from the US) to you as you order them. Yet, if we offer other physical-based items, especially those which we create ourselves, we will ship it from here (South Africa) via courier with a tracking number - and unfortunately it may take some time to reach you - not weeks or months mind you, but a little longer than it would take if it were shipped from the US.

We know that in this modern day and age, if one orders something, especially something that you are rather excited to receive, that you don't want to wait too long to receive it (we are no exception to this either) - so we have decided to put it to a vote...because, after all, you as our clients will be the ones who either will be interested in these new offerings or not.

So - the question is this: if we had to add more physical-based products (especially those that we make ourselves)...would you be willing to wait a bit for it to reach you, since it will be shipped from us in South Africa?

Please vote via the poll below - also, if you have any additional comments, such as requests of items you want us to offer etc - feel free to either message us directly or comment on this post.

Would you like us to offer products that we create personally?

  • Yes!

  • No, I prefer items that are delivered digitally only.


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