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Poll: Videos or Podcasts?

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

To those of you who have been following our videos, in our last upload on YouTube we mentioned the possibility of uploading many more videos on a frequent basis....if there is an interest, of course. Since then, we have been greeted with new subscribers, many comments and even messages asking us to upload more videos - and for this support, we thank each and every one of you.

Since we do not make new content for our sake, but for yours - we have decided to run a poll regarding new content from us. Whatever option gains the most votes we will adhere to.

The question is this:

Would you prefer us to create more video content or more audio content (podcasts)?

Regarding video content - it will be of greater quality than our past videos...if you have watched our most recent uploads, then you might have noticed that we have bettered our editing skills a bit. We will also include subtitles. Regarding audio content/podcasts - we suppose that there isn't an awful much to say...except perhaps that we will add transcripts to each episode.

Would you like us to create more video content, or more audio content?

  • I vote for video content.

  • I vote for audio content.

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