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Reasoning and Reality

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 07/03/2016 The world of Magick and the Occult has been an alluring field for many, many aeons. From the dawning of mankind to where we are now - even in this day and age where science and technology are at the forefront of every human's interest...something more internal, ancient and powerful dances on the threshold of the human psyche. Even the most devout religious groups (who ironically claim that magick is "evil") - have this same wonder and awe behind closed doors. The reasons for people to seek out the Occult Arts are as numerous as the people practicing it. From controlling the aspects of one's life, fame and fortune, controlling others and gaining power to teaching others, growing spiritually and much more. No-one can say that your reasons for pursuing the Liberal Arts are "wrong"...however some people are a bit covert in their reasoning. Let us elaborate. Take as an example that you go visit people you don't really give a shit about (such as family, friends etc)...while you are there, you are friendly, kind, polite and act as if you actually want to be there. But in reality - you're just there because the drinks are on them, or because your aunt's cooking is better than your own and you're not in the mood to cook. This simple example is how people are sometimes blinded to their true reasons for pursuing the Arts. Sometimes, a person will claim that they are on the road to true power etc - but what they will not admit (perhaps even to themselves) is that they want proof of life after death or they want proof that there are Forces out there in existence beyond humans. The most of these kinds of people are insecure of their own beliefs and capabilities - and will thereby seek a Higher Power or Force to make them feel comforted in their own existence. This is a clear indicator that they are being ruled by their Negative Ego or Shadow-Self...the primal part of humanity where you want to be part of something greater than yourself, because you feel that by yourself, you are insignificant. This is also the driving force for many to worship Deities and Beings blindly. People - by nature - are very insecure and need approval etc in order to feel as if they matter. So, dear reader - regardless what your motives are in pursuing Magick or the Occult aware of your actual motives. Know that all magick stems from YOU first and foremost, regardless of Beings and Deities. After all - if you work with a Being to get a new job (as an example), YOU set things in motion by your own Will and Desire...and YOU called upon the Being to assist you in your goal. The Being did not approach you and told you what you want. Beings are simply there to assist you in your goals until you grow so much in your spiritual power, that you do not need Their assistance any longer. As any true practitioner can tell you - in your path, regardless what it may be - you will grow spiritually, and a time will come when you can create change yourself with no need for calling upon External Forces. At all times and places, be true to yourself! Conquer your Negative Ego that insists that you are insignificant, and see your true potential and worth. Namaste!


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