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Regarding Spirits and Our YouTube Channel

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Recently, fresh out of writing our latest release, The Book of Dead Names Volume I, we have been watching some videos regarding paranormal investigations held in Japan. Generally we tend to steer clear from shows or videos such as these, mainly because most of them are staged and utter nonsense, however, the videos we have discovered are rather sincere and accurate…although the hosts are not exactly very clued-up on the spiritual.

Nonetheless, as we were watching and making our commentary to each other, a realization had occurred to us (after a few episodes has passed where we could immediately determine what the nature of the Spirit is just by seeing its behavior and effects towards the hosts and the surroundings, let alone the habitat it resides within). After our frustration at the hosts and their glaring inability to see what we see, to know what we know – we realized that we actually rather know quite a lot about Spirits of all kinds. No, no – don’t get us wrong, we are not taking you along on an ego trip – the realization hit us in such a manner where we did not even realize how much we actually know or how far we’ve come since the dawn of our practices.

The focus here is rather not what we know, but how it is applied. We have always been fascinated with Spirits and Entities of any and all kinds – especially those of a darker nature or demeanor – the who, what, when, where and why of them. Not seeking to dissect and document like cold surgeons…but approaching them in empathy – to seek to know and understand them.

Today, we can do so without the usual effects that are experienced while dealing with that of the worlds beyond, as we have developed ourselves spiritually to an extent where we are rather safe from most harm. Yet, many years ago, before we even started our path, we too got shivers at the “bumps in the night” – which we’ve experienced rather frequently with a host of stories to tell – however, the primal fear that we felt back then did not lead us to run away like most mundane people do – in fact, we would grit our teeth, and confront these nameless ones – not in hostility, but in kinship – showing an interest in them, their stories and plights. Oddly enough, although we were not experienced in Magick at all at the time, our natures shone through – we were always meant to be Occultists – and no true harm ever befell us, regardless of what nasties we encountered.

All that we know we did not learn from books or whatever – but rather from first-hand experience. We are not theorists.

As an example (one of countless examples) – when a Spirit remains in a place, it does not by default mean that they are malefic or have negative intent. Thinking so is ignorant. Spirits – regardless if they be malicious or not – are no different from when they were living. They still feel, still want, still think…no different. Just because the living does not understand them does not mean that they generally mean harm – they don’t.

Another example is that, although some Spirits of a more malevolent nature will make themselves visibly known via manifestation in a twisted and distorted manner simply to solicit a fear-response which they may feed off of, non-malicious Spirits may also manifest themselves in a twisted manner, with elongated limbs, missing limbs, a contorted mouth, wide eyes and so on – BUT they do so because (firstly) for a Spirit to manifest itself VISIBLY takes a shitload of energy and power, and most Spirits do not have the power needed to manifest themselves properly which leads to “creepy” or “horrific” looking distortions and (secondly) Spirits have no true need to manifest themselves to visible appearance except to interact with the living…many of them forgot how they once looked while living, others simply do not focus enough to remember that “hey, I’m supposed to have two eyes, not one” and so on. Never think the worst.

Nonetheless – because of our latest book release and (we reluctantly admit) also because of the videos we have watched as of late, we’ve decided to start making videos once again – discussing Spirits, their natures and so on. We’re rather confident that it will at the very least be a bit enlightening. We'll release the first likely within the next week or its time to dust off our YouTube channel. If you haven't subscribed to our channel already, feel free to do so to kept kept updated when we post new content:


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01 jul 2023

What an interesting topic the book is going to touch on, it will definitely be another point of support in the understanding of the etheric world.

Me gusta
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