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Self-Imposed Gender Limitations

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Since we have had our business up-and-running, we have noticed a particular trend which we expected to have been eliminated in this modern day and age, however, which apparently is still very much rife in the world of the Occult and Magick – self-imposed gender limitations. This is a topic which irks us greatly, almost as much as misconceptions.

Notice how we called it “self-imposed” – because these limitations are exactly that – self-imposed. You see, during the ancient of times in certain countries there was gender limitations regarding certain practices…however, the year is 2021 and STILL people fall under the outdated stereotypes…and STILL seek it out in such a manner!

What we are referring to is when a person thinks that they cannot practice a certain tradition or paradigm due to their gender – which is (for those of you who don’t realize this) the biggest load of nonsense you can imagine. Period. We are referring to “but males cannot practice Witchcraft”…”females cannot perform High Magick”…and so on.

You might think that this way of thinking is outdated, and indeed it is, yet even through our business we have noticed this – females respond more readily to things regarding healing, meditation and Traditional Witchcraft, and males respond more readily to Astrology and High Magick. The archetypal stereotypes have ingrained themselves so deeply within the human psyche, that even today, people are drawn to certain practices and paradigms due solely to gender stereotypes!

Let us tell you all this once and for all – you can practice whatever paradigm you choose, regardless of what stereotypes want you to reason as! Do not practice something just because you think it would be “acceptable” to do so – NO! “To thine own self be true”…if you are a male and you want to practice Witchcraft? Go ahead. If you are a female and want to delve into High Magick? Go ahead. The only person that is stopping you is yourself – and need we remind you that as soon as you limit yourself, you limit your potential and skill. You are your own worst enemy.

We will end this off by making an example of ourselves personally – Rheiner (Baron Araignee)’s original paradigm into which he was initiated into was Black Witchcraft and Vanessa (Baronessa Araignee) also. Likewise, Vanessa practices High Magick, Alchemy and Astrology…and Rheiner also. With this being said – you can do as you please! We find it ridiculous that now that we “gave you permission”, likely many of you who had these gender stereotype-driven ideas will now indeed do as you please…as if we have the power to give you permission to do things or not. YOU ARE YOURSELF SO BE YOURSELF! Do not wait for someone else to point something out to you, follow your own self – and make sure that it is indeed YOU where your ideas originate from and they are not from stereotypes or social conditioning!


All of our writings, including our blog posts, are copyrighted to us (Rheiner and Vanessa Le Roux under the pseudonyms of Baron and Baronessa Araignee) and our business Araignee Arcane Services. Our writings are original and not copied content.

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