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Sigil Magick

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 06/21/2017 Sigil. The definition according to Wikipedia is: "An inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magic power"

  • In Chaos Magic: A symbolic representation of the magicians desired outcome. Austin Osman Spare's method is known as Sigilization and is a core element of Chaos Magic.

  • The origins of the word is considered to be derived from the Latin - "sigillum", meaning Seal or from the Hebrew word "segula" meaning "word, action, item of spiritual effect or talisman".

  • The current usage of sigils is derived from Renaissance Magic, in turn inspired by Magic from antiquity.

When we think of the Sigil in Magickal practice, most of us will bring to mind that neatly drawn up version in black ink that seems as precise as a design drafted by an engineer or architect. However, this is very far from the truth. If we take a look at the world of Art, each artist can be recognized by the brush strokes or the presentation of the work in general. You see, the same rules apply for the Sigil in Magick. Each one of us are unique as individuals and we will socially and practically reflect this. The method we choose in constructing a Sigil should not be limited to Alchemy or a Kamea. These two methods are in fact simple guidelines and not strict rules. The Sigil may be constructed from the letters of the Alphabet (see above, left) And even using color, reflecting the desired intent of outcome (see above, right) The important thing to keep in mind is your comfort zone as an individual. This should not be overlooked at any point in time as this will determine the outcome of the operation. You can make use of the Rosy Cross or even Austin Osman Spare's method, as long as you understand the mechanics of the Sigil and how it is tied to the subconscious Will and Intent. The methods in employing the finished product are numerous, and yet again fall upon the individual's discretion on how to employ the Sigil. In most cases the Sigil has to be "charged" constantly (not unlike a battery) with your Will and Intent and after a while you will be able to use it once-off with the desired result manifesting soon after. When you have mastered the subconscious you will not need the Sigil any longer, and the spoken word will become the Sigil - and then in all eventuality, mere Will will deliver the desired result. Franz Bardon has made a method available on mastering the self in his magnificent contribution to the Occult through his writings, and Phil Hine in his Chaos Magic writings has presented some material worth investing in. Frater Akenu also wrote a book on it titled "Liber Azag: The Book of Sigils" that is also excellent material. In our book "The Etheric Keys" we have included a big section on Sigil Magick as well, and are going to create a short course on Sigil Magick, so you as an individual have many options in your path to gain knowledge from. Namaste.


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