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Sigils & Seals in The Occult Arts

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 09/16/2019 There exists numerous examples of Sigil and Seals in ancient manuscripts and Occult tomes, yet very few of them lucidly explain and instruct on how to empower and construct them, and exactly what they are used for. Many a daring Occultist confuse a Sigil with a Seal and thusly the misconception turns into malpractice. In this written piece, we shall attempt to remove some misconceptions on the subject matter and instruct you on the “How To” of the Sigil and Seal. But first you will need to understand a few key factors before we continue. The Common use of Seals and Sigil: Every Sigil in existence serves the purpose of linking an Entity or Construct to the physical world. It does not house the Entity/Intelligence or construct, it simply serves to ground and draw it in accordance to the individual's desire. This means that every line, dot and curve (of the Sigil) is a physical representation of the Occultist’s desire. The practitioner will then use focus and will to bring forth or make manifest that which he/she desires. In this case the Intelligence. The Seal on the other hand contains the Intelligence/Principality/Power etc and thusly may be unlocked and accessed or released in accordance to the skill and knowledge of the individual. The Seal is usually always constructed during precise Planetary times, Planetary movements through the heavens, as well as the Houses they reside in etc. And thusly the Seal itself will always reflect the power it contains and will be composed of symbols such as glyphs of Sun, or Venus as well as associative symbols and images. This precise energy is drawn down into the Seal itself and locked within itself using various methods. The Seal can house a tremendous amount of planetary resonance, however this energy cannot and will not last indefinitely - it needs to be recharged after some time. This is where the Planetary influences can be appreciated and considered - as its radiation wanes and waxes just like the phases of the Moon. The Sigil does not lose power as it does not contain power by itself, for the individual serves as that conduit which makes it function. When the Sigil is employed, incantations and Evocations/Invocations usually always accompanies it, because the incantation itself vibrates forth a radiation which serves as a “charge” or “instruction” to the Intelligence, and thusly draws it forth to the Sigil etc. That very vibration of the incantation/conjuration can flow through the psyche of the individual and make change within the self in accordance to the desire of the person - in cases of Invocation (calling within). But this is not the only application of Invocation…you may also call within the principality and power of a Intelligence, so that for a brief moment that entity resides within the self, for the purpose of spiritual transmutation or the manifestation of desire…. or even call within certain properties of the four elements to strengthen ones own spiritual faculties etc. Note: Words of power and incantations are always complimentary to that Intelligence/construct which is linked to the Sigil and never conflicting. A sigil can be created making use of many formats. You may combine glyphs such as Theban, Celestial etc and usually they are also known as bind-runes when combined for this purpose (as seen with the Runic Arts) for each glyph/character contains its own attributed power and by itself is in fact a Rune. Another method is making use of the Rosy Cross Kamea or the Planetary Kamea. The structure of the Sigil herein is that of straight lines which is joined to form a Greater Sigil. Very few people know that the Sigil can be imprinted with other properties so that it becomes something other than a Sigil of Evocation/Invocation. Here is a hint: you can construct them so that they can be used as “Wards” etc. etc. and so on. Needless to say we do believe we have clarified a few things on the subject. In our upcoming books: The Magus vol.1 and vol.2 we will give a detailed account on the use of Seals and Sigils in Theurgy and Astrology. Thank you for reading. For simple reference on Seals: Pentacles of Solomon. (Google/Wikipedia) For a simple reference on Sigil: See Alchemy. (Google/Wikipedia)


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