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Spirit Communication

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Many people are under the impression that, when you struggle with establishing proper two-way communication with spirits/entities, that you must just go about your usual ritual operations and eventually your spiritual communication skills will grow. This, although a very common concept, will present the practitioner with far more cons than pros and is not the best way to approach spirit communication at all. As cliché as this may sound, the key to a successful relationship with any entity or spirit is communication. How then do you suppose that you can “fake it until you make it”? How many misunderstandings will you cause? How many toes will you tread on? How many times will you actually speak to an uninvited guest instead of the spirit you called forth? Hell…there are so many reasons why two-way communication is a dire and important factor in any and all magickal operations and paradigms.

You see, every single person on the face of this earth has spiritual faculties – yet, some are more developed than others. Just because you cannot communicate with the spiritual as of yet, doesn’t mean that you simply cannot communicate with them at all – no! It just means that you have to develop your spiritual senses. Just as you had to learn your physical faculties while growing up, you have to learn and develop your spiritual faculties – this is no different.

Developing your spiritual senses is not exactly a walk in the park either, as it will take effort on your behalf…there are no short-cuts in magick, just as in life itself. There are many ways to develop your spiritual senses, and we have written about this before in some of our books and courses, so we will not repeat the process here, however we will share one easy little method with you…

Below is the Kamea or Planetary Square of Mercury. For those of you who do not know – each planet has a wide variety of “specialties” so to speak, and Mercury is the perfect planet to help you to grow and develop your spiritual faculties. Simply draw up this Square on a piece of clean, unused piece of paper (including the border-grid), and fill in the numbers.

Next, you will need a “statement of intent” – in this case, we suggest something along the lines of “My spiritual senses are growing” or “I can easily communicate with whoever I evoke”. Be sure to make the statement simple and in the present tense.

Now, clear your mind and focus on the Square. Gaze upon the number 1 on the Square, and speak your statement of intent (without breaking your focus on the position of the number 1 on the Square). Do this with all the numbers until the last. Perform this at least once daily, before any evocation ritual, or whenever you choose. This method is one of many that can assist you in growing and developing your spiritual senses. In the meantime, if you need to communicate with a spirit or intelligence, we suggest making use of tools, such as dowsing rods or a pendulum – because even if you have no spiritual communication skills, you have no excuse to not be able to have two-way communication with something you want to speak to.

This is also an excellent time for us to tell you two very important things. Firstly, DO NOT DABBLE. Magick is not a joke, nor something that you should peruse at your friend’s party as some game. NO. The worlds beyond are filled to the brim with idiot dabblers, so rather do not become a statistic. And secondly – DO NOT MAKE USE OF DRUGS IN THE HOPE OF OPENING UP YOUR SPIRITUAL SENSES. There are so many things wrong with this – as more often than not, you will end up having a lovely conversation with yourself, taking part in a mental mindfuck. If you want to use substances – go right ahead…but DO NOT MIX MAGICK WITH DRUGS…lest you actually want to bullshit yourself. If you truly want to achieve something in magick, get somewhere – you need to WORK FOR IT.


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