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Spiritual Attacks and their Instigators

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 02/10/2021 Night terrors, sleep paralysis…this kind of spiritual attack is well-known and well-documented…but there is one overlooked factor which we will lightly touch upon. Here is a very much unknown fact about some spiritual attacks that occur while you are trying to sleep, or when you wake up under spiritual assault. Some spirits act alone, feeding off of the energy emitted by your fear (like a Night Hag), or by feeding off of sexual energy (such as an Incubus or Succubus) …yet in most cases, these attacks are not enacted by only one spirit, but multiple ones. In these cases, you get the main attacking spirit which will actively attack the selected victim through violence, inciting extreme terror and fear, or by essentially raping the victim, while the other spirits quite literally restrain the victim from moving, “holding” the victim down. The main attacking spirit can be any malicious spirit…a Night Hag, an Incubus/Succubus or any other kind of parasitical/malicious spirit. Those that hold the victim down are called “Strongmen” – they appear as dwarf-sized humanoids…the size of a child, yet with the physical strength of over ten men. These Strongmen are also spiritually significant in their power…and do more than just “hold victims down” for others to attack, yet this is where they are most prominent. They are very overlooked…but very, very interesting and useful. We wrote a bit about them in The Gospel of the Ghouls. In the notorious case of Doris Bither, which is depicted in the 1982 movie called “The Entity” as well as the book by Frank De Felitta, the victim refers to the main attacking entity, but also two “smaller” entities, the size of children, holding her down during the attacks. These are Strongmen. In the painting “The Nightmare” by Henry Fuseli (1781), an act of spiritual attack is depicted. Upon the female victim’s chest sits a smaller figure, seemingly doing nothing – this is the Strongman. From a bit further away, you see a horse figure which in this case will be the main assailant…likely causing great fear and terror (nightmare = mare = horse). In closing off this short piece of quite important information on nightly attacks…we will add the following for if you suffer from spiritual attack or want to protect yourself from it. Hekate rules over Night Hags, so to ward off attacks from these spirits, have an image of Hekate present by your bed. Likewise, the Sumerian being Pazuzu absolutely despises any such parasitical beings and spirits (Night Hags, Incubi/Succubi etc), so if you have an image of him present by your bed, know that he will hunt down any possible assailants by his very nature. If, of course, you do suffer from attacks such as these, we suggest you reach out to us if all else fails.


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