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That Old-Time Religion

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 03/04/2017 Many of you know our standpoints concerning all world religions - regardless of it being Left-Handed in nature or Right-Handed. What you might not know is why we have these standpoints, and why we personally follow no religious beliefs. This blog post is concerning religion - and how "belief" does not mean "worship". We weren't always without religious beliefs - believe it or not. We both started our childhood lives indoctrinated into the belief of our parents: Christianity - as parents usually do with their children before the child is even old enough to understand, let alone make up his/her own mind. Obviously, as we both grew older, we knew that something felt "off" with our belief system then, with many questions unanswered - and have thus broadened our perspectives. At a young age, both of us then shifted our gaze upon Black Witchcraft and Satanism. Baron Araignee was lucky enough to have found an adept teacher in Black Witchcraft to teach him the basics thereof, but Baronessa Araignee entered into Satanism without any teacher. After Baron exhausted all his teacher could teach, he then pursued other avenues by himself - one of those actually ended up in trying to find out what truly makes Christianity "tick" and has completed the High Catechism. This, however, was long before we met each other. When we met, Baron took Baronessa under his wing and properly taught her everything he knew at that point in time. Then - we became both teachers of one another, as well as students of one another - our knowledge equaled to this very day, and still growing. Regardless - back to the point of religion. We wished to see all that religion has to offer and have fully delved into virtually all modern religious beliefs - Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Atheism, Taoism, Satanism, Luciferianism - too many to mention. Then, we pursued the ancient religious beliefs from all countries - including the origins of modern religion you see around you today. We also delved into the writings and practices of many Occultists throughout the ages. Of course, during this period, we practiced the Occult Arts related to these systems and mastered them - so when we say we are well-experienced in most belief systems and Magickal Practices - we aren't bullshitting you. And no - we will not compose a list of all that we have delved into. Now, with our "experience" concerning religion listed, on to what we have learned. Out of all we have learned concerning religion, only one thing is actually "good" or "positive" - that truth can be found in the strangest of places. By now you would know that our own personal path in the Occult and Magick is basically spiritual ascension and enlightenment, growing our own spiritual power etc - and thus our practices reflect we follow no "pre-existing" path or manner in achieving our goals. We use what works for us and discard the rest. Now, what does this have to do with "truth can be found in the strangest of places"? Simple - if you sift through all the superstition and religious dogma that all religious texts are riddled with, you come across some writings that all state the same thing - however we will not reveal it here, but in our Great Work to come...unless you wish to know it now - then delve fully into everything we have delved into, remove the nonsense and you will see it for yourself. Yes, you read right - at the core of all religions, be it modern or ancient - is one prolific message. Apart from this one true thing concerning all religions - everything else is typical of the human negative-ego...and thereby, not "divine knowledge" at all - the original messages have been twisted over the ages to suit society (to say the least). One thing that people cannot seem to understand is that being spiritual, or believing in things beyond this world of man DOES NOT mean that you have to worship and crawl around on your knees like an idiot. This is the main difference between spirituality and religion. Take us as an example - we are "spiritual"...we believe in things, Beings, worlds and such beyond this physical world of Earth and humanity - not blind belief mind you, but by experience, knowledge and wisdom - we believe in the unseen, the known and unknown...BUT - do we worship any of these Forces? Not even a bit. Do we blindly follow anything? Not at all. Do we sit on our asses and "let things take it's course" and leave everything up to "fate", believing that some higher power controls us and everything around us, and that nothing can be done? No. See, worshiping anything restricts you - not just your spiritual growth, but even your knowledge, free-thinking, free-will - everything. Subconsciously, by worshiping anything - you brainwash yourself to think that you are weak and powerless - and since your subconscious sees everything as truth, you thereby become just that - weak and powerless. The subconscious is a tricky thing. But - we're not saying that you must be an arrogant asshole - not at all. You must still know and realize that as you sit now, there are still Forces that holds more power than you and if you try to take Them on you will lose terribly to say the least. However, respecting and honoring is not the same as worshiping. Thus, you can respect Them, and even honor Them - but never worship. Here's a hint: if you grovel on your knees before a Force more powerful than you, the Force will see you for what you are - weak and powerless, and will treat you as such, not respecting you nor your will at all. However, if you approach a Force more powerful than yourself with respect and honor - without making yourself lesser than what you are - the Force will respect you back, and you will get much further much faster in your chosen path...and word spreads in the Worlds Beyond. To wrap this all up - religion has caused pain, suffering, war, famine, discrimination, mass murder, hatred etc to those people who do not follow a certain form of it - history is proof thereof. We cannot tell you what to do with your life, however, as long as you have learned something from this post - you must reflect on it and think deeply on where you stand in your own life and practices. As we have said numerous times - religion has no place in the Occult, and this is for good reason. Religion is all about control and restriction...but the Occult is to see the unseen and know the unknown - to grow yourself. Are you a Dragon soaring high above the kneeled masses, or are you a sheep gleefully following the path set by society? Are you a man, or are you a God? Gods did not create did. Namaste.


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