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The Consciousness of All Things

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 03/07/2021 Today’s subject is a bit of an abstract one…riddled with the effects of your personal perception. Perception is a very powerful thing, in case you are not aware of this already. As an example, there is no “good” or “evil”…no “light” or “dark” – everything is simply perception. What is perceived as “positive” by one person can be perceived as “negative” to another and so on. Do you remember being a child? Do you remember how easy it was to attribute consciousness or “being alive” to practically anything, from rocks and rivers to even inanimate man-made objects? Children hold great power as they are not yet conditioned into what society deems acceptable or true. And the fact that children can ascribe “life” or “awareness” to anything is actually a very powerful thing. Have you ever heard about the analogy of Schrödinger’s Cat? Basically, there is a cat in a box. Is it alive or dead? Many people are frustrated and baffled by this concept…”but to know if it’s alive, I must open the box and see”…”how can I know this”…and so forth. Yet, this analogy, which is birthed from Quantum Physics is to prove a point regarding perception and how perception can change reality. So, you can say the cat is dead, alive or whatever you wish – and no matter what you say, you will be right as there are no wrong answers. Indeed, perception does change your reality to whatever you wish it to be – which by itself is something that should be pondered on in extent and degree. But, nonetheless, back to our abstract topic of the day. Now that you know a bit about the vastness and the power of perception – what if we told you that everything…EVERYTHING has a consciousness? To many of you the concept of an animal, plant, or any natural thing having consciousness is no alien concept, but accepted as being so…however, let us take this a step further…what if we told you that even inanimate man-made objects have consciousness? To the child-version of you, we are sure that this would be quite obvious…but to the current version of you, you are likely mentally frowning at this concept. “But how can such things have consciousness? They can’t move, speak, or feel?” Well, how do you know? Because you were told so? Hm. Humanity’s biggest flaw is that they think that they are the pinnacle of importance in the entire universe…that they are the top of all things, the best of all things and that somehow the universe did not exist prior to their existence. As if the world revolves around them and none other. This, obviously, is the biggest load of bullshit humanity ever conjured up in their collective minds. The problem here is that just because something does not share the “human” kind/level of consciousness, then humanity disregards it. This is the negative ego at its best. In fact, science has done well to prove that animals, plants and even the Earth itself has some form of consciousness…albeit different from the consciousness that humans have. Indeed, there are many different types of consciousness, yet the fact still remains that it is consciousness. So, we will present to you the following. Everything in this world which is physical has a spiritual or etheric counterpart…a “double” if you will. Whether natural or man-made. To exist, to “be” is to have a consciousness. Now, to a human, this spiritual counterpart happens to be your soul, your consciousness, the I of self. And…due to quite a number of the Hermetic Laws, this is applied to everything else as well…because humanity is most definitely not the only things in existence that has this quality. This same thing…the consciousness…applies not just to animals then, but to plants, the Earth and even inanimate objects. How can we say this? Well…it’s pretty simple. As soon as something exists – whether it was born, made or if it simply existed from the start…it has consciousness. To varying degrees, yes…but whatever it may be, it has consciousness. We doubt that you understand the sheer magickal potential of this – so let that sink in a bit. But how do you speak to these things then? How? Well, this is simple as well. Look at the thing. Focus upon it. What does it feel like to you? Is this thing masculine, feminine or has no gender? HOW does it FEEL to you? Intuitively feel your way to its consciousness, its self. Then, as is befitting, give it a name…a voice. Then, tell it to speak. Think we’re bullshitting? You offend us – what point would it serve if we were to bullshit you. Take some time and speak to things which you think (due to your perception) cannot speak. See for yourself. And no, don’t expect that it will literally and physically speak as if with a mouth – don’t be stupid. You are speaking to the spiritual, thus it will speak in accordance. Maybe not with words as we do, but with feelings, emotions, and even images and sounds. Just listen and see how vast this world really and truly is. Think this post is vague? Well, those people who have the capacity to understand this will without a doubt understand this very well indeed…and would have found a new tool in their Occult compendium. Those that do not understand this…take heart, you will understand it in time.


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