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The Labyrinth of Magick: Limits

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 07/01/2016 In your everyday life, you encounter limits. You know the limit of your energy while exercising, you know the limit of your appetite while eating, you know the speed-limit while driving and more. What are the purpose of these limits? To get to this, we must first understand the two different types of limits. 1) Limits placed by something/someone external from you. 2) Limits placed by yourself. Now, because this is not a writing on your non-magickal life - we will discuss the different limits in your own magickal life.

In the world of the Occult - you will encounter limits. Some self-imposed and others not - some for your own good, and others not. The key here is understanding your limits and if they are productive or not. Before you say that all limits are bad - think on this. You must know your limits as you know yourself. This means that if you, for example, just started reading about magick shouldn't attempt to Evoke today. This is a recipe for disaster. You must know your current level of knowledge, skill, capabilities, your Will and Desire and if you are ready or not. This doesn't mean that you will never get the opportunity to Evoke - no! In the world of the Occult - especially when you first start off - there is no easy way to reach your goals. It will take a lot of effort on your behalf - and this includes experience. Obviously, to get experience, you must push yourself past your usual limits - stepping out of your comfort zone - after all, theory will only get you so far. Here's where knowing your limits are important...if you do not know your limits, you won't know how far you can push yourself. In magick, it is usually not better to "jump into the deep end" (again, especially if you are a neophyte) - and it's best to take it step by step at first...even though you want to run. The world of the Occult has been there since the dawning of time - and will remain until the it's not going anywhere. Know your current limit and know if you are ready to overcome this limit. Another self-imposed limit (as we discussed in another thread) is specific paths or religions. We are not criticizing any paradigm, belief or those who follow them. We are simply showing you that if you're not careful - they can limit a bad way. These limits cause you not to grow spiritually beyond a certain point, or to not grow spiritually at all. Look at some of the most prolific practitioners in history - they never simply stuck to one paradigm, and most of them didn't have any religious beliefs. It is in the human nature to want to believe and even worship something greater than you are - but if you are reading this, we believe you don't want to be like the rest of the masses, and you actually wish to pursue greatness. You cannot pursue greatness if you are crawling around in something else's shadow looking for approval. Know if your paradigm or beliefs are limiting you - and choose to break free, or to remain. Then there are the limits posed on you guessed it...that old devil called society. "Practicing magick is evil"..."There are no such things as Spirits or Beings"..."The only real things are things you can see and touch"..."There is only one true belief/religion"...society wants you to dress like them, speak like them, think like them, act like them - ultimately be them. Females should wear mini-skirts and crop-tops, must look anorexic, must go for plastic surgery, must go for males with lots of money and must have long blonde hair and a tan. Men must be muscular with a beard and short hair, must like cars and booze, must be attracted to the above-mentioned females and must have lots of knowledge, wisdom, free-thought or even spiritual growth ever needed nor wanted. These people are society's they cannot stand and be themselves - they can only follow. The rest who don't follow - who have the potential to become great in the Liberal Arts...are discarded as "unwanted mistakes". Have you ever wondered why? We can tell you that they are jealous, yes...but we will not. There are two types of people in this world - lions and sheep. So, will you take the easy way out and betray yourself by becoming a sheep, or will you see that this world and this life is only temporary and be true to yourself, knowing that while the sheep are crawling around in their own spiritual will tower above them like the god you are. The sad fact is that even if this reaches every single person in the world, only 5% will truly think deeply about it and apply this. Know the negative limits society places upon you and decide to overcome them. Adding on to this - is another face of society - perception. "All Satanists or Satanic Witches must wear only black, blaspheme every chance they get, must work only with the Infernal Masses and must be sexually depraved." ... "All Shamans must be on a constant high with braided and beaded hair, carrying crystals and perfumes wherever they go."..."All Chaos Mages must have a paradigm that seems unorganized and must be eccentric and must have some mental condition." ... "Alchemists' sole practice is to transform physical metals into other physical metals and have nothing to do with the spiritual"..."Your race or gender determines your paradigm and you cannot choose." ... "All practitioners, regardless of their practice, must skulk around in the shadows and look like Goth rejects." Well surprise, surprise - we know people practicing all the aforementioned paradigms...and guess what? Those who are actual practitioners are absolutely nothing like society's perception on them (if you're reading this, you know who you are LOL). You most likely heard things like this floating around...and another sad fact is that people play into these roles! It doesn't matter what you practice, what gender you are, what race you are, where you live - what matters is YOU being TRUE TO YOURSELF! Know the limits you play into blindly and overcome them. We're not writing all this to try to dictate how you must be and mustn't be...nor is this everything on the subject matter. We're only writing this so that you can open your eyes, open your mind and think, grow and reach your full potential. Whether you make use of this or not is up to you. Namaste!


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