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The Little Known Fact About Exorcisms

Ah, exorcism…one of the oldest spiritual practices, found in Magickal practices and religious beliefs alike. In many ancient cultures, the term for “exorcist” was synonymous with “priest/priestess” and even “sorcerer” at times. Although, the concept of exorcisms is synonymous with the notion of expelling malicious Spirits and the like from the host, exorcisms actually go a little bit deeper than just that well-known aspect.

When most people think of exorcisms…imagery comes to mind of a priest or practitioner using various religious or Occult-based incantations and even certain acts to expel a malicious Possessing Spirit from the host-body. This is correct, exorcisms do indeed intend to expel that which is malicious…however, in many more aspects than just Possessing Spirits.

A quick note on Possessing Spirits – not all malicious Spirits are Possessing Spirits and not all Possessing Spirits are malicious. We regard Spirits that possess or otherwise inhabit a host as being Possessing Spirits – hence the name – yet, as mentioned, not all of them are malicious in nature and not all malicious Spirits possess. It takes a certain kind of Spirit to (successfully) be able to possess its host…and the majority of the commonplace malicious Spirits do not have the capability, the know-how or the desire to possess a host. Facts.

A further note is that actual possessions (via Possessing Spirits) are extremely, extremely rare. We ourselves have only encountered a handful of these during all of our years practicing…and in the majority of these cases, the Spirit’s intent was punishment, as the individuals dabbled and/or performed acts of desecration. So, in short, these Spirits we have encountered personally did not intend to “live again”, but rather to punish the individual for their misdeeds.

Nonetheless…back to the topic at hand.

The base intent of exorcism is to expel. To expel that which does not belong within the host. Think on this for a moment.

To relay this point, we will refer to a healing ritual we performed not too long ago….and which we have performed many times. The ritual calls for a large number of recitations and incantations to be performed over the afflicted person – and although the majority of these incantations are healing-related, one of them is an incantation of exorcism – which we have purposely placed right in the middle of the set.

Although the individual responded well enough to the healing recitations…the turning point was when the exorcism part was reached. In the middle of the exorcism part (with a set of very particular words), the afflicted individual immediately vomited. Not a “normal” kind of vomit, but a violent kind of vomit. They literally vomited out the disease. Afterwards, the individual recovered from the disease within mere hours of the ritual being performed. A “miracle”.

We repeat – the purpose of exorcism is to expel that which does not belong within the host…and indeed, sometimes this “expulsion” takes a very, very literal form. Frankly, in all cases of exorcism we have personally performed – be it on a Possessing Spirit or otherwise – the afflicted will always vomit at the point of successful expulsion. To the afflicted, this moment carries a mix of feelings and emotions – as they tend to feel extreme fear and panic along with such indescribable relief at the same time.

Note that, during exorcisms, at no point should the practitioner stop. No matter what. No matter if the host may become violent, if they try to flee, or even if they become sick. You do not stop until the ritual has been completed. This is usually why the one performing the exorcism has an assistant (or assistants) present. Also, exorcisms, at its core nature, is a battle of wills and power – it is the will and power of the exorcist against the will and power of the affliction…be it a Spirit or otherwise.

We can write a lot more on the subject of exorcisms, but we believe that our point has been relayed. Exorcism = to expel that which does not belong within the host. Remember this.


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Jul 11

As always, Thank you for sharing your knowledge. It is appreciated.

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