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The Love Working

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 01/24/2017 In our line of work we come across many odd requests, however at times clients approach us with "Love Workings". Strange as it may sound, Love can actually be reinforced with "magick" or directed energy. What makes this kind of Spellcraft successful? Let's take a closer look at the finer details. The most popular method these days would be the "Honey Jar" method. Now, there are many ways to employ this tool, however the basics is a jar, honey and an item belonging to the "target". Does Honey contain "Magickal" properties? NO. Does a jar contain "Magickal" properties? NO. Does the item belonging to the target contain magickal properties? Yes and no. Then where is the Magick? The magick resides within the spellcaster and the target - actually within all parties involved! The magick is simply energy. However, this energy can only be conducted with energy of the same "kind". As an example: If a love working is done on Sally, but she does not have love for...Joe... then the love working will not take effect. In order for love to grow, it needs a "seed" of love. Simply put, no seed no love. Not even an External Supernatural Being can create love where there is none - It needs a seed of love within the target to grow that love. As we wrote in another post, we will not repeat it here. Simply put, don't expect results over night. The fact of the matter is as follows: there is not one method of love working that is better than the other, it simply depends on the directed energies and the susceptibility of the target to the specific energy. If anyone claims anything other than this truth, then they are amateurs and does not know the mechanics of Magick. In some cases, the individual that wants a love working done are either a stalker or a deluded individual that may or may not have been scorned by his/her love interest. Many times these people will resort to criminal activities out of desperation to forcefully obtain that which does not belong to them. These people we would sooner kill than assist. While in other cases we will help those who truly love the other and due to unforeseen circumstances are separated from each other or have not been able to connect. Once you contact us we will do a small divination, free of charge, to assess your current situation. Once we have established if this working can be done, we will discuss the matter with you and explain all avenues of the working. We will guide you through the process and answer any questions you might have concerning your case. If you cannot obtain your goal through Magick, you can simply try a different avenue. If this does not work, cut your losses - even though it will be Hell to do so and move on. There is another avenue you may wish to consider: Black Magick. However this avenue is only temporary and has to be reinforced from time to time or it will not be lasting. With this kind of working, we dominate the senses or faculties of your love interest on your behalf, making use of our Internal or External Forces under our command. We strongly suggest that you think this through carefully before choosing this avenue as this is a lonely road to tread and may only lead to more despair. Remember, your heart should never rule you, you should govern your heart. Namaste!


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