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The One Known as Abigor

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 02/20/2017 Every so often we will post a short piece on the Intelligences from various Hierarchies/Grimoires. To start off, we shall concentrate on Collin De Plancy's "Dictionnaire Infernal" or Infernal Dictionary. We shall post them Alphabetically for ease and convenience. The purpose of these posts is to give a bit of our own insight on these various Beings and Spirits. Enjoy. De Plancy claims that the Daemonic Hierarchy is false, because Daemons according to him are liars. Abigor holds the rank as a Grand Duke. There are sixty Daemonic Legions under His command. He appears as a capable knight on horseback, with dark features. In His left hand he carries Hell's standard or insignia. However, in working with this Intelligence, we have discovered some additional capabilities. He is a master of the art of warfare. When His seal is carried by the mage, He will grant the protection of His Legions. This Seal may also be used during operations of Magick to subdue lesser spirits. He can instruct the Mage on how to gain the loyalty of those familiars that works under Him, as well as assist with Oracular undertakings, ie divination, scrying etc. Abigor, unknown to some, commands some of the most insidious "assassins" in Hell's domain. Abigor is more than likely something similar to a Warlord and not a "Grand Duke" and lacks mercy and reasoning, thus it is dire for the Mage to be respectful and offer Him a burnt offering during His Evocation. Here follows His Enochian Enn: " Torgiv Micalzo Eligor-Abigor Zorge, Niis, Taviv"


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