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The One Known as Abraxas

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 02/22/2017 The Gnostic god Abraxas is frequently depicted with the head of a rooster, this bird being considered a powerful Talisman for vigilance, and also a symbol of the Sun, as well as of Mercury. It is sometimes represented with an ear of corn in its beak, denoting that "vigilance produces plenty." De Plancy did mention Abraxas, however said very little about Him of any significance - the mere fact that he thought of Abraxas as a mere "daemon" says enough, as Abraxas was and still is the chief Deity of many sects - especially the Gnostics. Basilides, the Gnostic Priest, taught that God first created: (1) Nous, or mind, from this emanated (2) Logos, the Word, from this (3) Phronesis, Intelligence, and from this (4) Sophia, Wisdom, and from this last (5) Dynamis, Strength. The "Almighty" was known as Abraxas, which signifies in Coptic "the Blessed Name," and was symbolized by a figure with the head of which is that of a rooster, the body that of a man, with serpents forming the legs; in His right hand he holds a whip, and on His left arm is a shield. The Talisman shown above is a combination of the five emanations mentioned above: Nous and Logos are expressed by the two serpents (as legs), symbols of the inner sense and understanding as well as showing that He is linked to Earth and the wisdom of Earth, the head of the rooster representing Phronesis, for foresight and vigilance; the two arms hold the symbols of Sophia and Dynamis, the Shield of Wisdom and the Whip of Power, worn for protection from moral and physical ill. The numerical value of His name is 365 - thus showing His rule over all days and nights. One can work with Abraxas in your pathworking of Spiritual Ascension, as well as to grasp the power of the Godself - to name only two. His Enochian enn: "Zar Odo Gmicalzo Zar Abraxas Zar Geh!"


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