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The Runes of Endor

We have created a script/alphabet that can be used in your Magickal practices. Use it as an alphabet, or as a basis for sigil creation.

This is an alternative to the Hebrew alphabet, and entirely of our own creation. With this being said, you are welcome to use it in your personal practices and for non-commercial applications. Also, kindly give credit where it is due.

We introduce to you...The Runes of Endor (inspired by the legendary Witch of Endor).

This practical example (below) is a sigilized version of one of the 72 Shemhamphorash words/names...using this alphabet.

All of our writings, including our blog posts, are copyrighted to us (Rheiner and Vanessa Le Roux under the pseudonyms of Baron and Baronessa Araignee) and our business Araignee Arcane Services. Our writings are original and not copied content.

If you like any of our posts and would like to share them, feel free to do so by selecting one of the sharing options below. If you would like one of our blog posts to be on your website or blog (and for us to be guest bloggers) simply reach out to us via email.

Plagiarism is an extremely damaging and annoying thing – and by plagiarizing our work (or another’s) you are not just stealing – you are damaging your own name, as things like this always come to light. Don’t be a typical human.


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