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The Scourge of Plague

We suppose this blog post isn’t exactly Occult related, but rather just us talking about something…a recent experience. If you have been confused about our two latest blog posts, then this one will be the clarifying factor.

Many of you who know us know that we do not care much for humanity as a whole, as a species. Do not let us get into the details as to why. Our love for animals is also no secret at all, and the fact that we prefer animals to humans should also be rather obvious. After all, we wrote a book dedicated to animals as being “Little Gods”. Which they are.

Nonetheless, we are not an animal rescue, nor do we regard ourselves as being anything as such. Yet, when an animal is in need…how can one possibly just look the other way and pretend like it is not your responsibility to do something about it – whether it is your animal or not.

We always believed that humans were supposed to be the guardians of this world and everything within and upon it – watchful overseers. Clearly, the vast majority of humanity completely bypassed that and went straight to “fuck the world”…but so be it.

Although we love and adore all animals, we suppose we have a bit of a soft spot for cats in particular. We are currently the proud parents of 15 cats – exclusively indoors and exclusively rescues. You may roll your eyes at the concept of us regarding ourselves as their “parents” – but keep your gripe to yourselves. For all intent and purpose, we are their parents…as if we gave birth to them. We love them and treat them no different than loving parents would treat their human offspring. The only difference is that our children do not run the risk of becoming typical humans…corrupt.

We also take care of a feral colony on our property, and have been doing so for the past 10 or so years…being a sanctuary for those Little Gods of the Wilderness.

Although we have seen (and experienced) our fair share of death of the little ones in our care (both inside our home and out), we have never experienced any form of disease outbreak…until now.

We suppose that, in retrospect, such a thing is inevitable, and we knew this. Yet, denial is a sneaky and delusional little bitch.

In a period of little over one week, we have lost about a quarter of our feral colony to a cruel outbreak of Feline Panleukopenia (Feline Distemper). Initially, we had no idea what was going on. Cats that appeared perfectly fine and healthy were found dead mere days later. Each death tore at us, branding our very beings with yet another wound of loss. Minds reeling, we did not know what to do. We contacted our local SPCA and some rescues…initially suspecting mass poisoning.

To make a very long story short, we found out that it is the doing of Feline Panleukopenia.

You know, in the sense of mundane (and non-spiritual threats), we would take a threat in the form of a person any time – as it is something that we can deal with with ease. We will even take spiritual threats gladly, as we are, after all, master practitioners…and no spiritual threat stands a chance against us. No, we are not on an ego or power trip. Our very presence, the fact that we are still alive, is proof of this.

Yet…diseases? Not to mention diseases that decimate animals so easily? In the face of this…we are children. Helpless fucking toddlers scraping about in the mud and shit of the world, not knowing which way is up.

We found out yesterday that there is currently an outbreak of Feline Panleukopenia locally where we live…and that now, even the vets and shelters we are in contact with are seeing this manifest. We just had it a bit earlier than others.

Think that is bad? Just wait until you find out that the virus itself is resistant to most everything…except bleach. No cure either.

Ever since we found out what this was – this relentless and cruel scythe – we have been going about our entire property, wielding bleach mixture in a pesticide sprayer, coating our entire property in fucking bleach. The pandemic of Covid? Don’t make us fucking laugh. Feline Panleukopenia is far worse and far more heartbreaking.

Did we do Magick for this? Of course we did. We did everything…EVERYTHING…just to find the answer – that it is natural culling.

We are strange people. Whenever we are told that we cannot do something, or that something is out of our hands, we lose our minds and become more driven than ever. Fate? We do not accept it. Natural process? Fuck natural process. Magick…the very act of Magick itself is essentially the defiant spit in the face of “fate”…you are doing things which otherwise probably won’t “naturally” occur.

We are bull-headed. Show us something that cannot be done and we WILL prove everything wrong...

…mix this with unbearable loss and you get us as relentless demons, insane with purpose and grief.

Unacceptable. The suffering of animals is unacceptable.

…so far, after monitoring the remainder of our colony, they all appear to be well. Reverse-engineering the timeline and we know when this all started…and we also know when this all will end.

We have also taken mundane steps with our outside colony as well as our inside cats to ensure no further infections will occur. Walking into our home is like walking into a cleanroom.

What a week it has been.

We have spoken to them all…after they left their bodies. We suppose what hurts more than anything, is that they think nothing of it. They have accepted their deaths and are at peace. Honestly, the only thing which grants us a semblance of comfort (what a vile word)…is that they are still around. Happier than ever. At peace. They are fine.

Mourning is for the living, not for the dead.

Here’s to you all – all of you who were touched by this.

Sara. Nougat. Lucky. Fritter. Johnny. Cyclops. Taffy.

And the others unnamed.


All of our writings, including our blog posts, are copyrighted to us (Rheiner and Vanessa Le Roux under the pseudonyms of Baron and Baronessa Araignee) and our business Araignee Arcane Services. Our writings are original and not copied content.

If you like any of our posts and would like to share them, feel free to do so by selecting one of the sharing options below. If you would like one of our blog posts to be on your website or blog (and for us to be guest bloggers) simply reach out to us via email.

Plagiarism is an extremely damaging and annoying thing – and by plagiarizing our work (or another’s) you are not just stealing – you are damaging your own name, as things like this always come to light. Don’t be a typical human.


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