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The Word and its Power

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

This post was migrated from our previous blog. Original written date: 01/26/2021 If you name something, you give it life. Such a simple concept, yet so powerful. As with most things in existence though, there is duality in all things, and everything is a double-edged sword. The concept of naming something and thus giving it life is a very abstract thing in mundane terms, as you cannot simply call out “steak and chips!” and it appears in front of you. Life would be much more interesting if this was indeed the case, yet luckily this does not pertain to the physical in mundane manners, but rather it pertains to the spiritual. We suppose that there is no formal name or word for this, so we will simply call it the power of the spoken word. The power of the spoken word by itself conjoins a number of other aspects, and is not just limited to the act of naming something into existence. The Occult is never just *one* single practice, it is an amalgamation of many different facets by its very nature, so this is no exception to that rule. Nonetheless, back to the original topic… The power of the spoken word is a very overlooked thing, simply because in the world of the mundane, words (which are after all just glorified and purposeful sounds) are commonplace and used extensively in day-to-day life…thus people do not think on the magnitude and importance they hold…their power and the duality of all things…in this case, as it is in the physical, so it is in the spiritual. Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa wrote a most excellent description of words in magickal perspective, and since we doubt that we would put it any different ourselves, we will quote him (from his Three Books of Occult Philosophy): “It being shewed that there is a great power in the affections of the soul, you must know moreover, that there is no less Vertue in words, and the names of things, but greatest of all in speeches, and motions, by which we chiefly differ from bruits [brutes], and are called rationall; not from reason, which is taken for that part of the soul, which contains the affections, which Galen saith, is also common to bruits [brutes], although in a less degree; but we are called rationall, from that reason which is according to the voice understood in words, and speech, which is called declarative reason, by which part we do chiefly excell all other Animals. For λογος [logos] in Greek signifies, reason, speech, and a word. Now a word is twofold, viz. internall, and uttered; An internall word is a conception of the mind, and motion of the soul, which is made without a voice. As in dreams we seem to speak, and dispute with our selves, and whilest we are awake we run over a whole speech silently. But an uttered word hath a certain act in the voice, and properties of locution, and is brought forth with the breath of a man, with opening of his mouth, and with the speech of his tongue, in which nature hath coupled the corporeall voice, and speech to the mind, and understanding, making that a declarer, and interpreter of the conception of our intellect to the hearers, And of this we now speak. Words therefore are the fittest medium betwixt the speaker and the hearer, carrying with them not only the conception of the mind, but also the vertue of the speaker with a certain efficacy unto the hearers, and this oftentimes with so great a power, that oftentimes they change not only the hearers, but also other bodies, and things that have no life. Now those words are of greater efficacy then others, which represent greater things, as intellectuall, Celestiall, and supernaturall, as more expressly, so more misteriously [mysteriously]. Also those that come from a more worthy tongue, or from any of a more holy order; for these, as it were certain Signs, and representations, receive a power of Celestiall, and supercelestiall things, as from the vertue of things explained, of which they are the vehicula, so from a power put into them by the vertue of the speaker.” Now, to put the above in simpler terms…a word spoken is not simply a “word”…to even so much as to speak a word, you first require the Will, then the Will becomes a thought, then the thought translates as a motion of the mouth, chest and breath, and by an exhalation of air, you not just physically make a sound, but with it is also carried the original Will and intent. The very act of speaking is an act of both the seen and unseen…seen (or at least perceptible by mundane senses) is in this case the sound you make, the breath you exhale etc…and the unseen is your Will, intent, thoughts (mind) and so on. So, even a word spoken casually is already of dual nature…and this is not even mentioning the duality of physical and spiritual! So, something as simple and overlooked as words, are by nature very powerful. Not just in everyday life, as you could destroy a person’s life by a mere word…but spiritually as well in extent and degree. Quite frankly, in the spiritual application it is much more powerful, and the effects thereof is more far-reaching than in the mundane…because as we all well know, that the mundane world is very limited, as it is indeed constrained by certain laws and rules. Yes, the spiritual also carries laws, yet they are much different from those of the physical. Nonetheless, even though this post now carries a lot more information on the spoken word than we originally intended, what we initially wanted to convey is that if you name something, you give it life. In this regard, by naming something, you recognize it as being, and thus you either bestow it with life…or depending on the situation, you bring it forth. Take for example a most excellent case of this – a poppet. When you make a poppet, the final act of its creation is to name it the name of the person whom it represents, baptizing it as that person and no other. By doing so, you (likely unknowingly) create a link/bond between that poppet and your target, as they share likenesses, they share names, and through your intent, are indeed the same person. Thus, whatever is enacted upon the effigy, will reflect upon the person…although not nearly as dramatic as in movies through universal resonance. By naming something, you break a barrier between the imperceptible and perceptible…bringing forth your Will and intent from being imperceptible to others, into being perceptible…echoing through both the physical and spiritual both. So even the mere act of speaking, is by itself, quite magickal. So, if you name yourself as being successful in your pursuits, and have the Will to enforce it, it will thus gain life and become so. Here however is where the double-edged sword concept comes in…likewise, if you name yourself as being a failure, then you will indeed be a failure. If you speak doubt, then it will manifest. If you speak fear, it will manifest. If you speak disease, it will manifest. And the stronger your Will and conviction, the more powerful the result. The ultimate lesson and the goal of this post is quite simple – mind what you think and especially say, not just to or about others, but about yourself…even if no one can hear it but you. Words hold power, and can change many things to either the better or worse. In this day and age where people yap on without end, and speak without contemplating what exactly they are saying…words can be extremely damaging. Guard your mind and mouth…and never voice something without knowing exactly what you are doing. By heeding this, we assure you that your life and your perception of words will change greatly.


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