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"When Will a Spell Manifest?"

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

One of the rather popular questions that circulate around Spellwork (whether it employed an Entity or not) is how long it will take to manifest. We understand why this question is asked so frequently, not just to us personally, but in general as well. There are many different opinions on this – varying from the “three-three-three rule” to many others…and although the world of the Occult is already heavily saturated with these “rules” of Spellwork manifestation, we will add our voice to this undulating crowd as well…as there are a number of factors which the majority of these “rules” do not mention or consider.

That which we are about to present is, as always, not “rehashed” from someone else’s perspective, but from our own personal experience and practice throughout the years…which we have found to be universally applicable to all Spellwork. Use it, don’t use it – it matters little to us. Let us get down to business…

As soon as you have performed your Spell (or “working” as we like to refer to any magickal operation), you obviously crave to see results. Why won’t you? You seek manifestation of that which you have performed, as if you didn’t, you probably would not have performed a working in the first place. But, and we hate to be the bearers of mediocre news, but this is usually where the waiting game starts. Patience.

For many people, the concept of “letting go” is extremely difficult. Yet, ironically, this is one of the keys of manifestation…as well as a very well-known concept in Magick that has not just been written about by us, but by many others over the years. On the one hand, letting go is so difficult when you have performed a working because you (obviously) want the desired outcome to manifest, however by perpetually focusing upon it, you do more harm than good.

To reiterate something which we repeat rather often – Magick is energy. So then, if you continuously stress about the outcome, you inadvertently block the energy from its directive by bombarding it with your own negativity. On the other hand, if you desire the outcome too much, the act of “wanting” thereby indicates that you do not already have that which you seek…which will cause delays and hinder the flow of energy – this is perception 101, by the way.

So then, we just recapped (in short) something which you already know about – letting go – however, apart from this, there are a number of other things that are overlooked in this topic of manifestation and time frames.

All clients of ours who have ever employed our services in Spellwork will know that we always state that we cannot provide an accurate timeframe of manifestation due to the sheer number of variables on a case-by-case basis – but what do we mean by “variables”? Let us elaborate.

If an Entity is used:

- The level of power of the Entity used.

- If the request posed to the Entity is in line with its nature and capabilities or not.

- If the Entity understands your petition, is able to manifest it, and is willing to manifest it. Able does not equate to willing.

- Your relationship with the Entity used. A stronger relationship means better work.

If no Entity is used:

- The level of spiritual power of the individual who performs the working.

- The level of spiritual development of the individual who performs the working.

- The mental, emotional, spiritual and physical state of the individual who performs the working.

- The attachment (or lack thereof) of the individual who performs the working.

- The experience of the individual who performs the working.

Overall variables:

- The energy-currents present around the parties involved. In other words, how much hindering energies will have to be overcome or manipulated.

- The susceptibility of the target(s) involved.

- The willpower as well as spiritual power of the target(s) involved.

- Possible external influences (such as Planetary and other energetic influences).

All of the above, not excluding “letting go”, are all aspects of manifestation and the timeframes thereof. No two cases are alike. All of these mentioned are not even all of the possible variables involved either – but only the most common ones.

Let us illustrate an example:

You perform a working of healing over another and you succeed greatly, the manifestation being almost instant. Some time later, you become ill and perform a working of healing over yourself – the exact same one in the exact same way as you have done before with great success – but now nothing seems to be happening. Why? Both has to do with healing…so why is it not working in the same way?

From the top of our heads – the first difference is that, since you are performing it over yourself, you are emotionally involved in the working itself, which can be a blessing at times, yet, the majority of times is not desired at all. Because of your personal and emotional involvement you cannot let go, you cannot see all that the situation encompasses, you desire for results too fiercely…whereas, when performed for another, you are not emotionally involved, and thus letting go is a breeze.

Another reason is that your illness may not be exactly the same as the other person’s illness. You are, after all, not the same person with the same energetic and physical construct…are you? We think not.

You see…it is no simple task to determine when exactly a spell will manifest – it may manifest instantly…it may take a day, a week, a month, a year…maybe even more. It all comes down to the variables of the situation itself. The only way that you can determine exactly when a spell will manifest is if you can see and know all possible aspects of the situation – and this requires omniscience…and nothing is omniscient.

Let us tell you a little secret – if we perform workings for ourselves, even we sometimes struggle to let go. Even we can lust after results and manifestation – as we are personally and emotionally involved. Yet, let us tell you another little secret – Magick tends to manifest once you forget all about what you have done. Rather contra intuitive…isn’t it? This means that if you can let go so utterly and entirely that you can naturally forget about the working – boom – it manifests. It doesn’t always happen in this way, but we have seen enough of it to take note. This must occur naturally – if you try to “force” yourself to forget or let go, it will not work.

Let us tell you another little secret – and this one ties in to perception even more…perform the working as if you already have that which you are performing the working for…without any desire, without any attachment. Again, this is rather contra intuitive…yet this is likely one of the most important parts of perception in spellwork. Knowing.

Nonetheless…we will end this post on that note, and hope that this short little piece will enable you to think of Spellwork in a greatly different way.


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